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Israel Braces for Violence

Posted on | May 14, 2018 | Comments Off on Israel Braces for Violence

Religion of Peace™ Update:

After a week of peaking tensions in the Golan Heights, Israel’s defense establishment is bracing for a week of violent confrontations along the border fence with the Gaza Strip and in the West Bank.
With the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem on Monday followed by Nakba Day and the beginning of Ramadan on Tuesday, the IDF is gearing up for several days of violence in its most explosive arenas.
Thousands of soldiers from 11 battalions, including from the Nahal and Givati brigades, as well as special forces and intelligence-gathering units, the Armored Corps, snipers and drones will reinforce the troops already deployed.
As part of preparations, the training of regular combat troops has also been paused in order to focus efforts to dealing with the possible disturbances.
Gazans have been protesting along the border with Israel for the past six weeks as part of what organizers have called the Great March of Return, with demonstrators throwing stones, Molotov cocktails and rocks, as well as launching incendiary kites, toward Israeli troops.
But this week’s mass protests are expected to be much more aggressive.
Israel is accusing Hamas of using the protests as cover to carry out terror attacks and says it has identified intentions by protesters to destroy engineering equipment belonging to the army, damage security infrastructure on the fence and attempt to kidnap soldiers.
The IDF is expecting tens of thousands of protesters at some 20 sites along the Gaza border fence. The Southern Command is preparing for masses of protesters, including armed activists and children, to attempt to breach the fence.

Anthony Kliegman at the Washington Free Beacon:

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” is one of the worst clichés in the English language. Unfortunately the phrase’s logic is applied all too often to the ongoing violence at the Israel-Gaza Strip border. Just look at Peter Beinart’s recent column on the riots there. “Why are thousands of Palestinians risking their lives by running toward the Israeli snipers who guard the fence that encloses Gaza?” asks Beinart. “Because Gaza is becoming uninhabitable.” And why is the Strip becoming uninhabitable? Because Israel is “denying Gaza’s people the water, electricity, education, and food they need to live decent lives.”
According to Beinart, the ongoing attempts to damage and breach the border security fence to attack Israel, the rocks and firebombs hurled and shots fired at Israeli soldiers, the firebomb-bearing kites that torment Israeli farmers trying to grow crops, the widespread presence of swastikas at the demonstrations, the anti-Semitic threats against Jews, the horrible ecological effects caused by burning tires to blind Israeli border guards — all actions carried out by Gazans — are reactions of victims motivated by resistance against their oppressors. The fact that most of the rioters who Israelis have killed were terrorist operatives, or individuals affiliated with terrorist organizations, is irrelevant, because it gets in the way of this narrative.

The Israelis are civilized human beings. Their enemies, not so much.

(Hat-tip: Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit.)



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