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Internal Civil War Raging (Not Raging)?

Posted on | May 20, 2018 | Comments Off on Internal Civil War Raging (Not Raging)?

by Smitty

The visible kulturkampf is undeniable. The Left seeks to continue to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” into a single “managed liberty” State, with Lefty pencil-necks guiding us. I get that.

As Mueller’s Folly winds down, we’re learning that the shenanigans may not have started with the Trump campaign:

The Obama Administration was afraid ex-Defense Intelligence Agency head Gen Flynn would be called to testify before Congress about how CIA Chief Brennen and DNI Clapper were cooking the intelligence books on Iran and ISIS.

It turned out the illegal FISA surveillance by the Obama Administration got enough dirt on Congressional leaders to prevent that from happening.

The Deep State’s Iran Deal factional plans might have worked if Trump had lost…but he didn’t.

Everything regards the spying on the Trump campaign and attempted coup d’etat by special council/lawfare/impeachment against President Trump is about hiding the facts of that Iran Nuclear Deal from the American people and law enforcement.

It is National Conversation time, followed by a huge review of how the cloak-and-dagger wing of our government–always at odds with our notion of a free and open society–operates. After that review, a big fat piece of legislation to cut down on the abuses THAT WE KNOW OF.

Anybody not curious about what ELSE the folks have been up to *cough*2012*cough* is being a Pollyanna.


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