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‘Dickie Rebellion’ Gets Fired

Posted on | June 2, 2018 | 2 Comments

Readers will please excuse the lack of blog content since Friday, but I found myself staring into the abyss — the utter desolation of all hope for the future of humanity, evidence that our society has descended so far into decadence and depravity that recovery is perhaps impossible.


The Grey Fox is a gay bar in St. Louis, and one of the producers of the club’s entertainment is a “drag king” (i.e., a female who performs in male persona) who goes by the stage name “Dickie Rebellion.” Tuesday night, there was an altercation outside the Grey Fox which is being investigated by St. Louis police. Apparently, a crew of “nonbinary queers” assaulted a 24-year-old lesbian feminist, calling her a “TERF bitch” because she had “misgendered” one of them. There is an account of this incident at Gender Trender blog, but a source tells me that account includes several errors of fact. While I was trying to piece together enough details to write a news article about this, however, my research turned up some information that left me shocked and demoralized.


“Dickie Rebellion” is, in fact, Natalie Elaine Welage (pictured above at right, with her girlfriend Katy). Ms. Welage’s biography is remarkable. She is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. As a child, she was a ballerina whose dance performances included The Nutcracker and also an appearance at the 2012 Orange Bowl halftime. She attended a Catholic girls’ school, St. Ursula Academy, where she graduated with honors in 2012 and then enrolled at St. Louis University, a private Catholic school where the annual cost of attendance is $53,132, including room and board.


How does a young woman with that kind of education end up, two years after getting her bachelor’s degree, as a blue-haired “nonbinary queer” doing drag shows at a gay bar? How did her life go so horribly wrong?

Oh, but it’s even worse than that. In addition to working nights as “Dickie Rebellion” in drag shows, Ms. Welage had a day job, as a marketing coordinator for a mortage company. After Tuesday night’s incident, Ms. Welage took to Twitter boasting about the “TERF” beatdown.


Those are just a couple of screenshots from Ms. Welage’s now-deleted account. You see, the lesbian feminist “TERF bitch” who got beat up has a Tumblr blog and lots of friends, who raced into action to identify her assailants, make copies of their Twitter conversations about the incident, and several of them contacted Ms. Welage’s employer.


It seems that Ms. Welage violated company policy, which is why as of Thursday, she is an ex-employee of the mortage company. Beyond that, her reputation is irreparably damaged, and it is likely that the former Catholic schoolgirl will have serious difficulty in her future career. Not to mention, of course, that her girlfriend Katy (allegedly one of the ringleaders of the attack) could be subject to prosecution for assault.

Where did Natalie Welage go wrong? How has her life descended into a catastrophic tragedy of despair and shame? Researching this story, I came across two possible clues:

  1. She minored in Gender Studies; and
  2. She’s registered to vote as a Democrat.

Parents, wake up! Don’t let this happen to your kids!

Steer your children away from the road to ruin of nonbinary queerdom. Just say “no” to Gender Studies and the Democrat Party!




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