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A Progression of Madness

Posted on | June 11, 2018 | 2 Comments

‘James’ in 2015 (left) and in 2018, after ‘top surgery’ (right).


“James Waters” is a 22-year-old self-declared Marxist who uses the pronouns “he/xe/it.” She used to have breasts, but had them amputated (double mastectomy, known as “top surgery” in the jargon of the transgender cult) earlier this year, after two years of testosterone treatment. You can watch a 2016 YouTube video of “James” mumbling about her/“his” hormones, but did I mention “he/xe/it” is schizophrenic? And has a Tumblr blog? Yes, “James” is “a gay schizophrenic indigenous artist,” as she/“he” explained in a January post soliciting donations:


You see the transgender 22-year-old schizophrenic Marxist had “just moved out of an unhealthy home situation” last year, but then began having problems with a “homophobic landlord” who wanted to evict her/“him” and her/“his” roommate. You also see that “James” had been “working full time hours and trying to get on disability,” although she/“he” found it was “really hard . . . to save anything for the cost of living let alone the surgery i have to pay for,” as if getting a double mastectomy was necessary. But you can’t expect a transgender schizophrenic Marxist to be able to prioritize expenses, right?

Remember, however, that “James” is Canadian, which is relevant, for reasons explained in her/“his” online fundraiser for “top surgery”:

I’ve been trying to be approved for surgery for quite some time — I came out and began transitioning in 2011, but I was made unable to pursue surgery for years because of my disability. At the time, candidates for trans related surgeries had to be approved through CAMH, but I was unable to go that route as CAMH’s policies didn’t allow them to approve patients with some mental health conditions (like mine) for government funding. I tried for some time to raise money myself to pay for surgery privately, but I was unable to consistently work at the time because of my condition.
Thankfully, the government changed their protocol last year and trans related surgeries in Ontario can now be approved by other qualified medical professionals. My endocrinologist and I discussed the pros and cons of surgery, and the potential risks, and we both came to the firm conclusion that I am totally ready for the procedure and everything it entails. . . .
This surgery would be huge for me. I’ve struggled with dysphoria and a lot of related difficulties since childhood — I spent most of my life dealing with an eating disorder and severe self harm problems, as well as other mental health and social issues because of my gender. Coming out as trans was the best thing I’ve ever done for my mental health, and over the past couple years I’ve been happier and more comfortable in my own skin than I ever thought I would be. This surgery is the biggest step I need to take right now to work on recovering and finally feeling like my body is my own.

There is a lot to process here. How old was “James” in 2011, when she/“he” first “came out and began transitioning”? She was a 15-year-old girl, with “an eating disorder and severe self harm problems,” which is not surprising because gender dysphoria has high rates of co-morbidity with other mental illnesses. However, an American reader might ask, what’s this stuff “James” is talking about the Ontario CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)? This June 2015 article may help:

The Ontario government will expand the number of places where transgender people can obtain approvals for publicly insured sex reassignment surgeries, The Globe and Mail has learned. . . .
The government is not planning a formal announcement, the source said. The news comes on the eve of Friday’s Trans Pride March in downtown Toronto, part of the city’s Pride festivities.
The Globe first drew attention to the bottleneck at CAMH in April when it wrote about the case of Chrystofer Maillet, an Ottawa trans man who paid almost $7,500 out of pocket for a double mastectomy.
The Ontario Health Insurance Plan would have covered the procedure if Mr. Maillet, now 36, had first obtained an approval letter from the CAMH clinic. But he could not endure the wait. . . .
The NDP’s health critic wrote an open letter to Dr. Hoskins on Wednesday chiding his government for moving too slowly to solve the problem at CAMH.
“Far too many trans Ontarians continue to experience elevated risk of depression and suicide in the face of ongoing discrimination, harassment and violence,” France Gélinas wrote. “It is heartbreaking and it is wrong that vulnerable individuals should be confronted by barriers to care that make it more difficult to access the health-care services they need.”
CAMH’s president and the psychiatrist who leads the facility’s small Adult Gender Identity Clinic have both said the rule limiting approvals to CAMH should be scrapped.

Yes, transgender surgery in Canada is funded by taxpayer-provided “insurance,” but the excessive demand for the government gender-identity clinic’s services created a waiting list, so under political pressure, the government expanding the list of who could approve such surgery. As “James” explained, the government clinic would not approve transgender surgery for people with certain mental illnesses, but the change in policy meant that her/“his” endocrinologist was deemed qualified to approve a taxpayer-funded double mastectomy for the 22-year-old schizophrenic.

Canadian taxpayers are being required to foot the bill for this bizarre “treatment,” as if a girl with schizophrenia can be cured by injecting her with testosterone and lopping off her breasts. She is so mentally disturbed that she’s applied to get disability payments — too crazy to work, but sane enough to decide to undergo surgical mutilation.

Socialism is always doomed to fail. Once government makes something “free” (i.e., billing it to the taxpayers), the demand will always exceed supply. The number of crazy people in Canada seems to be infinite, whereas the number of skilled surgeons is limited, and if every wacko and nutjob in Canada has a right to sex-change surgery . . .

It’s the Cloward-Piven strategy, you see: Overwhelm the welfare system with demands, deliberately causing a fiscal crisis, which radicals then blame on capitalism, thus bringing about a revolution.

Whatever government subsidizes, it also thereby incentivizes. By compelling taxpayers to foot the bill for this kind of madness, Canada is ensuring that the madness will become more common. Injecting crazy women with testosterone and amputating their breasts is now the Canadian government’s official definition of “health care,” and anyone who criticizes this policy will be accused of transphobia.

Canada has become a vast insane asylum, and the lunatics are running it.

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