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Preferences Are Not Oppression

Posted on | June 17, 2018 | 1 Comment


The last time I paid attention to Lindy West was in February 2017, when I mentioned her role in the 2015 #ShoutYourAbortion campaign, which was about ending the “stigma” of abortion. You see, your belief that some things are good (e.g., human life) and other things are bad (e.g., murdering babies), that there is a difference between right and wrong — between good and evil — is a problem for the “progressive” Left:

The totalitarian can never be appeased.
If you give Hitler the Sudetenland today, next he will demand the rest of Czechoslovakia, and after that, he’ll begin threatening Poland. Likewise with feminists — grant them everything they demand today, and tomorrow they will return with a new list of demands. Feminists have an appetite for power that is ultimately insatiable. . . .
What does feminism share with the occult? Both are about seeking power. Study the life of Aleister Crowley (or Madame Blavatsky or Marion Zimmer Bradley or any other prominent figure in occult movements) and the pattern is clear. What the occultist craves is a lawless power in defiance of the natural order, for the satisfaction of selfish desire. . . .
What is the basis of authority in a godless society? Power.
By power, the rich shall rule the poor and the strong shall rule the weak. The majority can impose its will upon everyone or, by capturing the influential centers of power — in media, in academia, in politics and in the courts — a decadent elite can subvert constitutional law and thereby gain the power to rule by seemingly “democratic” processes.

Feminists are anti-Christian, attacking religion to undermine our sense of morality, in order to arrogate to themselves unlimited power, and so Lindy West wishes to erase the “stigma” of abortion. Q.E.D.


In May 2016, Lindy West published a book, Shrill, which rode a tidal wave of critical acclaim to bestseller status. What does she say in this book? A Tumblr blogger has some quotes, including this one:

“America’s monomanical fixation on female thinness isn’t a distant abstraction, something to be pulled apart by academics in women’s studies classrooms or leveraged for traffic in shallow ‘body-positive’ listicles — it is a constant, pervasive taint that warps every single woman’s life.“

Really? How is it that America (evidently unique among all nations) stands accused of a “monomanical fixation” with being thin, while at the same time we’re experiencing an obesity epidemic? And does Lindy West actually believe this “warps every single woman’s life”?

My daughters are not fat. My two daughters-in-law are not fat. My teenage sons’ girlfriends are not fat. If their lives are being “warped” by a “monomanical fixation,” they haven’t mentioned it. Some people are just naturally thin, more or less, and thus suffer no hardship because of the general preference for thinness. “Fat feminism” is a movement organized to convince us that our normal preferences are wrong. If you think a skinny woman is more attractive than Lindy West, your preference oppresses Lindy West, in much the same way (and for much the same reason) that she considers “stigma” against abortion oppressive.

Whatever she wants is “social justice.” Whatever you want is wrong. Lindy West is a feminist, and therefore is beyond criticism, and anyone who disagrees with her is beneath contempt, der untermensch.

Some people have advantages in life. If I could throw a 95-mph fastball, I’d be a millionaire, but my lack of major-league baseball skills does not make me a victim of oppression. Similarly, skinny girls benefit from the general preference for thinness, and fat women are disadvantaged, but this is not oppression, it’s just the way life is — and no amount of feminist rhetoric will alter this reality of human life. All that will be achieved by such rhetoric is to encourage unrealistic beliefs and self-defeating behaviors that lead to disappointment and failure. Speaking of which, here is another quote from Lindy West:

“Women matter. Women are half of us. When you raise every woman to believe that we are insignificant, we are broken, that we are sick, that the only cure is starvation and restraint and smallness, when you pit women against one another, keep us shackled by shame and hunger, obsessing over our flaws rather than our power and potential; when you leverage all of that to sap our money and our time — that moves the rudder of the world. It steers humanity towards conservatism and walls and the narrow interests of men, and it keeps us adrift in water where women’s safety and humanity are secondary to men’s pleasure and convenience.”

Who is raising “every woman to believe that [women] are insignificant”? And why does Lindy West associate this with “conservatism”? In point of fact, she knows nothing about conservatism or child-raising, for that matter. She is from the liberal cocoon of Seattle and she had an abortion the only time she ever got pregnant. Her prejudice against skinny people, who she imagines only remain thin by “starvation,” is as irrational as her prejudice against men and their allegedly “narrow interests.”

Are my daughters and daughters-in-law “shackled by shame and hunger”? Are they unjustly deprived of their “power and potential”? Only in the irrational self-pitying worldview of perpetual victimhood (to call feminist ideology what it is) is it possible to take these claims seriously.

Feminists still don’t understand why Trump won and, as Vox Day says, “SJWs always double down.” Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016 has only inspired feminists to believe that if they just intensify their activism — becoming angrier and more extreme in their anti-male rhetoric — they’ll win next time. May God give them the disappointment they deserve.



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