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Autistic Teenage Neckbeard Charged With Raping and Murdering Australian Woman

Posted on | June 19, 2018 | Comments Off on Autistic Teenage Neckbeard Charged With Raping and Murdering Australian Woman


Police in Australia don’t release mug shots of criminal suspects, and their laws require media to conceal the faces of those arrested, but as you can see, murder suspect Jaymes Todd is a neckbeard — the stereotype of an obese, poorly groomed, basement-dwelling teenage geek.

Far be it from me to suggest all fat geeks are a menace to public safety, but Melbourne police say this neckbeard was dangerous:

An autistic teenager charged with the rape and murder of a young woman appeared disinterested and yawned while he sat in the dock in court on Thursday.
Aspiring comedian Eurydice Dixon’s body was found on a soccer field in Princes Park in Carlton North, inner Melbourne, at about 3am on Wednesday by a passerby.
The 22-year-old was on her way home from a Tuesday night performance at Highlander Bar in Melbourne’s CBD [central business district] when she was allegedly raped and murdered. . . .
Jaymes Todd handed himself in to police on Wednesday night and was charged over the alleged killing and sexual assault on Thursday morning.
The 19-year-old man, who police said did not know Ms Dixon, surrendered himself at Broadmeadows Police Station after officers released CCTV images.
Mr Todd did not say anything for the full hour he spent sitting in Melbourne Magistrates Court dock — although at one point he was seen putting a hand over his mouth in order to conceal a yawn.
His Legal Aid lawyer John Riordan argued that Mr Todd’s mental health condition, as well as his age and appearance, would put the teenager at high risk in prison, The Age reports.
Mr Riordan told the court that Mr Todd’s family had ‘indicated his condition makes him socially regressive.
‘He struggles in certain social environments
and that may have a significant impact on him in custody,’ said the lawyer.
The court further heard that Mr Todd was on prescribed medication for his condition. . . .

We are expected to sympathize with the accused killer’s “mental health condition” — autistic geeks are “socially regressive,” after all. The suspect’s family are predictably clueless:

The father of accused killer Jaymes Todd has described how his shocked family is struggling to comes to terms with his son’s arrest and had “no inkling” Jaymes could allegedly be connected to the Carlton North attack.
Jason Todd told The Age on Friday his family was stunned when told the 19-year-old had been charged with the rape and murder of aspiring comedian Eurydice Dixon.
“We are struggling obviously — it’s a huge thing we didn’t think we would ever have to deal with in our lives,” he said.
“We had no inkling anything like this was possible to happen.”
Facebook posts from several years ago show Jaymes interacting with his parents and grandparents, and celebrating being in the top 100 Australian students in online education program Mathletics. He also posted about playing Farmville and dice game Farkle.

Again, the geek stereotypes — good at math and playing videogames, but “socially regressive,” and his family had “no inkling” he was dangerous.

Perhaps by now, some of my readers are wondering, “Hey, what’s the deal with gratuitous bashing on neckbeards here?” Well, I found this story via a feminist site which reported it this way:

Earlier this week, Eurydice Dixon was raped and murdered while walking home through a park in Melbourne, Australia. Police responded by warning “people” to be vigilant when walking home alone. 19-year-old Jaymes Todd — a stranger to Dixon — has now been charged. Dixon is the thirtieth woman who has been murdered in Australia this year.

You see the feminist angle on this story is “male violence,” as if rapists and murderers are a random and representative sample of all men, so that men bear a collective responsibility for such crimes. Feminism’s anti-male hate rhetoric promotes negative stereotypes of men, generally, encouraging a paranoid fear of “male violence,” implying that there can be no rational basis for distinguishing between ordinary law-abiding men and dangerous killers who exhibit known risk factors for violence.

Feminists want to make this neurologically impaired endomorph a symbol in their Atrocity Narrative about “male violence,” and expect us not to notice that this is simplistic anti-male propaganda.

Notice that the feminist website says Ms. Dixon’s death was “the thirtieth woman who has been murdered in Australia this year,” which would put the country on pace for about 60 such murders annually, or five women murdered per month. There are 24.8 million people in Australia, about half of whom are women. Does an average of five murders a month represent an “epidemic” of violence against women in a population that size? The 2016 homicide rate in Illinois was 8.2 per 100,000, where there were 1,016 murders that year. The population of Illinois is 12.8 million. If we were to extrapolate that rate for a population the size of Australia’s, there would be 2,034 murders annually. Well, as bad as crime may be in Melbourne, it ain’t Chicago, where there have been more than 200 homicides this year, including 29 female victims. In other words, Chicago alone, with a population of 2.7 million, has produced nearly as many female homicide victims this year as the entire country of Australia.

Gosh, why don’t feminist websites talk about “violence against women” in Chicago? Because nearly all those perpetrators are black or Hispanic. You would be accused of promoting racist stereotypes if you were to make the crime rate in Chicago the basis of an argument suggesting that black and Hispanic men pose a particular danger to women, but somehow feminists get a pass when they seize upon a crime like the rape and murder of Eurydice Dixon as “evidence” to condemn all men, collectively.

It is seldom necessary to “get down in the tall grass” and argue about details when countering this kind of propaganda. Too often, men permit feminists to incite their anger. Do not be provoked into defensive reactions or indulge in insults and name-calling. It is far more effective simply to point out that hate propaganda is hate propaganda.

What is implied by feminism’s categorical rhetoric is that all men bear a collective responsibility for everything done wrong by any man anywhere. By calling attention to their dishonest tactics — i.e., implying a prejudicial belief that would be rejected as obviously false, if stated explicitly — you force your antagonist onto the defensive and demonstrate that they are arguing in bad faith. You cannot argue with hate; facts and logic will never persuade the feminist to abandon her anti-male prejudice. What you can do, however, is to discredit her by exposing her use of propaganda tactics by which feminists promote their ideology.

One man is accused of killing Eurydice Dixon. It is absurd — a hateful and dishonest guilt-by-association smear — to suggest that all men are somehow implicated in this obese autistic Australian’s crime. When I describe the suspect as obese and autistic, this seems prejudicial, but it is no less prejudicial than the way feminists routinely use criminal atrocities to scapegoat men, collectively and categorically. It is only because we have become accustomed to this tactic (or are afraid of being accused of “sexism” for criticizing feminists) that it usually goes unremarked.

Am I inciting hate against basement-dwelling neckbeards? Maybe, but if so, you must admit that feminists are inciting anti-male hatred. If we consistently call attention to the rhetorical tactics of propaganda employed by feminists, they will be effectively disarmed.




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