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Germany Silencing the Jews?

Posted on | July 1, 2018 | 1 Comment


The Merkel government is desperate to defend its policy of mass Muslim immigrations, and is apparently suppressing free speech to do it:

A number of my readers in Germany have emailed me in distress. The Geller Report has been banned in Germany. I do not know if this is a national ban or regional. I ask my German readers to advise me if they are experiencing the same difficulties. Here is what my German readers get when they try to access Geller Report.
This is Chancellor Merkel’s response to the catastrophic consequences of her mass Muslim migration policies? Ban truth. Ban freedom of free speech and freedom of the press. It is evocative of another Chancellor of Germany (from 1933 to 1945) who also imposed bans on elemental freedoms. How long before the book burnings begin? Don’t kid yourself, this is exactly how it begins.

This seems incredible, and we may hope it’s a misunderstanding, but just think about this fact: Pamela Geller has readers in Germany. That is to say, the facts are so completely suppressed in the German media establishment that readers in Germany must turn to a Jewish woman in New York to tell them what’s happening in their own country.

What is happening in Germany is that the government is classifying truth as “hate speech.” You’re accused of Islamophobia if you tell the people about the problems caused by Merkel’s immigration policy.



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