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Crazy People Are Dangerous

Posted on | July 23, 2018 | Comments Off on Crazy People Are Dangerous

Especially in Canada:

Canadian authorities identified the gunman who killed two people and injured 13 others in a lively Toronto neighborhood Sunday night as 29-year-old Faisal Hussain, whose family claimed had suffered from “severe mental health challenges.”
The Special Investigations Unit of the Ontario Provincial Police said a member of Hussain’s immediate family and a “family representative” confirmed the gunman’s identity.
Moments after Hussain’s identity was released, his family issued a statement to multiple media outlets saying he had been “struggling with psychosis and depression his entire life.”
“The interventions of professionals were unsuccessful,” the statement read in part. “Medications and therapy were unable to treat him. While we did our best to seek help for him throughout his life of struggle and pain, we could never imagine that this would be his devastating and destructive end.”
Authorities say Hussain fired a handgun into restaurants and cafes in Toronto’s Greektown neighborhood before dying amid an exchange of gunfire with police. A 10-year-old girl and an 18-year-old woman were killed.

If the deranged gunman wasn’t named “Faisal Hussain,” feminists probably would have blamed toxic masculinity.

(Hat-tip: Kirby McCain on Twitter.)

UPDATE: Christine Estima, a Canadian who has written for Vice (e.g., “The Friend Zone Isn’t a Thing and Women Don’t Owe You S–t” and “Men, Here’s What You Can Do to Stop Street Harassment”), didn’t wait for the Toronto gunman to be ID’d to hashtag #ToxicMasculinity:


Twitchy: “So by white men she means Muslim men, and by toxic masculinity she means psychosis and depression. But otherwise, dead on.”



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