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Woman-Hating @UKLabour Party Not Sure If They Also Hate Jews Enough

Posted on | August 5, 2018 | Comments Off on Woman-Hating @UKLabour Party Not Sure If They Also Hate Jews Enough


Britain’s left-wing Labour Party has alienated many women, first by enabling Muslim rape gangs that preyed on English girls and then by taking sides with transgender activists against women on various issues. Not to mention the accusations of widespread abusive behavior toward women by Labour officials. Now, it seems, Labour can’t decide whether anti-Semitism is a bad thing:

Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, says that the party will “disappear into a vortex of eternal shame and embarrassment” and render itself unfit for government, unless it calls an immediate halt to damaging arguments over antisemitism.
Speaking to the Observer, Watson called on Jeremy Corbyn to drop without delay internal inquiries into two Labour MPs — Margaret Hodge and Ian Austin — who both lost family members in the Holocaust and now face possible disciplinary charges after furious outbursts over the party’s stance on antisemitism. . . .
Writing in the Guardian, Corbyn attempted to call a halt to arguments with the Jewish community and many of his own MPs by acknowledging the party has “a real problem” over the issue, insisting that people who express antisemitic views “have no place in our movement”. . . .
Watson’s intervention came as Corbyn was forced to “entirely disassociate” himself from an organisation whose website lists him as a member of its international advisory panel and which openly supported a prominent writer convicted of Holocaust denial. In 1996, the Just World Trust, an international NGO that has been a trenchant critic of Israel, wrote a letter defending the controversial French philosopher Roger Garaudy, who denied that the killing of Jews by the Nazis constituted genocide. . . .
“Jeremy Corbyn must be the unluckiest anti-racist in history,” said Dave Rich, head of policy at the Community Security Trust, the charity set up to protect the Jewish community. “He repeatedly manages to get involved with organisations and people that promote antisemitism and Holocaust denial, apparently without ever noticing anything is amiss. It’s the same old excuse and it wore thin long ago.”

Well, if you’re going to side with transgender activists who claim women can have penises, what’s a little Holocaust denial? And how much of Labour’s hatred of capitalism is really about hating Jews?



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