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Played for a Chump

Posted on | September 3, 2018 | Comments Off on Played for a Chump

Life is a team sport, and teamwork requires loyalty. You’re never going to win if your teammates aren’t committed enough to put aside their selfish interests and focus on achieving victory for the team. Often, the worst things that happen to people are not caused by the malice of their enemies, but rather because they are betrayed by disloyal “friends.” This is why conservatives so loathed “Every Liberal’s Favorite Republican,” whose vanity and ambition made him an untrustworthy teammate.

You could ask Maxim Anokhin about the pain of betrayal:

A Russian man has sued an IVF clinic after his wife admitted that she had swapped his sperm for her lover’s during treatment.
Maxim Anokhin only found that his one-year-old son was not his biological child when their relationship turned sour and his wife admitted to the swap.
Yana Anokhina, 38, had reportedly told the clinic she wanted the man she loved to be the father, but had let her husband pay for the treatment and kept him in the dark for the child’s first year.
Mr Anokhin successfully sued the Moscow clinic which allowed the swap and was awarded £4,600 in compensation for his moral and financial damages.
‘I trusted my wife,’ he said. ‘I believed her and trusted her, 100 per cent.’ . . .
The court found that he had paid for the IVF treatment and had provided his sperm believing that he would be the father of the baby.
Ms Anokhina has not spoken about the swap but reports say she wanted the father of her baby to be the man she loved — not her husband.
But for a year Mr Anokhin believed the child to be his and ‘loved and supported’ the boy, called Timofey.
Later the couple split and are now both in new relationships, the court was told. Mr Anokhin said his wife revealed the truth to him when they broke up. . . .
‘Allegedly, she wanted to give birth to a child by a man with whom she was in love, and her husband was the one who paid the costs.’
DNA tests proved that Mr Anokhin was not the father prompting him to sue Kulakov Medical Centre which provided the IVF treatment.

This kind of selfish and dishonest behavior by women is what inspires misogyny, in the same way that male misbehavior inspires feminism.

It was Rational Male author Rollo Tomassi who called my attention to this story, and he’s interpreting it through the Alpha-male/Beta-male discourse of evolutionary psychology that is lingua franca of the Red Pill “manosphere.” As much as I dislike this framework of discussing sexual behavior, a case like this is evidence that cannot easily be ignored. While the circumstances in this Russian cases are unusual, it reflects a known pattern of behavior by unscrupulous women, who will take shameless advantage of so-called “Beta males,” exploiting them financially while betraying them in pursuit of more desirable “Alpha males.”

Why do men put themselves at the mercy of such women? Desperation and naïvete, mainly, and an appetite for flattery. To quote Johnny Rivers, “A pretty face can hide an evil mind,” but some men simply can’t get past the superficial level to assess a woman’s character objectively. If a man has a good income and is willing to spend it on a woman without considering the value-added terms of the deal, he puts himself at risk of becoming the kind of sucker who never deserves an even break.

Sometimes, it helps to remind ourselves why Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. The “star-crossed lovers” pursued love without the counsel and approval of their elders. A young person’s idea of “love” is typically a bundle of nonsense, assembled from novels, pop music, TV shows and movies, and many parents have forfeited their rightful role as tutors and supervisors of their offspring in the courtship process. Too often, parents embrace a sort of fatalistic attitude toward their children’s dating lives, assuming that there is nothing they can do to prevent their offspring from suffering broken hearts (or inflicting them, as the case may be).

Grant that sometimes kids will rebel and run wild, but in most cases, young people desire to please their parents and make them proud, in terms of their choice of mates. Therefore, responsible parents should not hesitate to voice their own preferences, both general and specific, about who their children date. “Stay away from weirdos” is the kind of general advice I’ve offered my kids. The so-called “alternative” look (bizarre hairstyles, piercings, etc.) may just be harmless fashion trends, but on the other hand, there’s Chanty Binx. Could you imagine the parental mortification if their son hooked up with that aposematic SJW?

In an Age of Decadence, the availability of “safe” choices is decreasing, and finding a sane, normal partner can be difficult for young people in a society full of broken minds and damaged personalities. God forbid any of my children should ever make themselves such a fool as Maxim Anokhin has done. His was an avoidable error; certainly, once he discovered how his ex-wife had cuckolded him, Anokhin must have gone through his memory and recognized the warning signs. There is seldom such a case where any fool goes roaring toward disaster without ignoring the obvious flashing yellow lights and clanging bells.

“Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.”



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