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The Deeper Meaning of Kavanaughkampf

Posted on | September 28, 2018 | Comments Off on The Deeper Meaning of Kavanaughkampf

by Smitty

Should we be just a bit creeped out by the Left fetishing these SCOTUS seats?

Patriots respect all three branches set forth in the Constitution. It’s a public thing. A practical matter. It’s needful.

Keep in mind that, for the Left, which rejects God, government itself becomes a quasi-theological object. Lefties ignore the law (e.g. BHO’s administration) all the time, but note the visceral pleasure they seem to feel when saying “Trump broke THE LAW.”

Couple this government-is-‘god’ view with the Postmodern concept of Truth as a social construct. We’ve just seen a feminist shrink from California (three strikes, and that lady’s waaaaay out) decide that, nearly two score years ago, a SCOTUS nominee got all PG-13 on her.

And we’re supposed to:

  • accept this accusation as conviction
  • throw a good man’s career under the bus, sans trial
  • not ask any “hahrd” questions, because then we’re as bad as the alleged assailant.

Is it really about Brett Kavanugh and Christine Blasey Ford, or is the SCOTUS seen as the last bastion of relatively rational thought?

The effort to undermine our Constitutional order is a long-standing game of patience for the godless Commies. “A Republic, if we can keep it” has never been under greater pressure than it has this century.

Hopefully, when the history gets written, the 2008 election shall have been the zenith of this attack, and 2016 the Battle of the Bulge moment when the last of their reserves prolonged the demise.

The concern is that the people are too complacent. This confirmation fracas, far from a reasonable dispute between honest folk of differing opinion, was an overt assault the basic Rule of Law, Due Process, and Western Civilization in general. DO WE GRASP THIS?

“To my Republican colleagues: if you vote no [to confirm Brett Cavanaugh], you’re legitimizing the most despicable thing I have seen in my time in politics.”–Sen. Lindsey Graham

Or, as the Left calls it: “Thursday”. Because this travesty is NOT the exception. This is the Left trying to run the ball straight up the middle. And if these liars are permitted to turn their falsehood into points, will they say “Enough!”?

Let us endeavor to get the Red Wave going in November. We can retain liberty, and not let the Left roll us back to a pre-Civil War era, where we are just thralls on a Democrat plantation.

I’m actually confident about restoring liberty. Here’s why. The Democrat message is fundamentally dishonest, and flawed. The Socialist sales pitch sounds swell, until reality sets in. Making everyone thralls of the State has to be sold with deception.

But those deceptions are wearing thin, as the Kavanaugh confirmation debacle shows. The conservative, moral, capitalist argument puts more emphasis on having everybody grow up. Not as much sizzle as the “free stuff” or “class warfare” arguments of the Left, but certainly more durable.

Half of this battle is showing up; the other half of the battle is remaining engaged.

UPDATE: PowerLine offers the view that the Kavanaugh attack is a simple “chilling effect” play to dissuade honorable people from seeking public office.

It seems like an awful lot of effort just to “send a message”. The risk of the blowback we hope to see at the midterms seems awfully high.


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