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Sincere Opinion, Epic Troll, Or Both?

Posted on | October 22, 2018 | Comments Off on Sincere Opinion, Epic Troll, Or Both?

by Smitty

SQLite (“sequel light”) is used all over the place, for example, within the FireFox web browser to hold configuration settings. It is “Small. Fast. Reliable. Choose any three.” It’s also public domain. Truly a wonder of our day. The author, D. Richard Hipp, apparently does just fine by offering support for the product.

But SQLite didn’t have a Code of Conduct. The code offers a BSD license, which is kind of a step up. I seem to recall that he used to offer a blessing instead.

Apparently, because even the Linux kernel has adopted a Code of Conduct, SQLite decided to, as well. Again, those who have been around a while sort of inferred that Hipp is a man of deep faith. So, when Hipp adopted the Rule of Benedict for his CoC (with a huge prefatory disclaimer about not enforcing any of the “more introspective aspects”) one should not be too surprised.

What also shouldn’t be surprising, but still is, that in the Age of Outrage some would start demanding we quit using some great code due to Ancient ThoughtCrime:

“Well, it looks like it may be time to stop using SQLite as it’s readily apparent that my kind is not welcome there,” sighed programmer James Hollingshead.

Oh, bless your heart James.

A Twitter search on “sqlite” revealed a river of bile as well. The idea that people reject the Orwellian foolishness of Progress and adhere to wisdom is the ultimate heresy of our day.


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