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Good News and Bad News

Posted on | October 24, 2018 | Comments Off on Good News and Bad News


The bad news is that I failed to win the MegaMillions jackpot last night, so my plan to become a billionaire philanthropist has been delayed, at least. The good news is there is now a website,, where you can give money directly to help the most crucial 23 endangered House Republicans. This is a much-needed tool to help turn back the “blue wave,” and I endorse it enthusiastically. Take a look at the Real Clear Politics map of the key House races, and you realize that control of Congress will likely come down to a comparative handful of seats on Election Day. If you’re living in one of the districts that is a key battleground, obviously your vote will be crucial, but what if you’re living in a safe district? You can check with your county or state Republican Party to find out how to volunteer, but the main thing is money. Democrats this year are wallowing in cash like nobody’s ever seen.

The situation in Georgia is typical of what we’re seeing this year. Trump beat Hillary 50-46 in Georgia two years ago, but this year Democrats nominated a far-left candidate for governor, Stacey Abrams, who really shouldn’t stand a chance against the Republican, Brian Kemp. However, money is like magic for moonbats: “George Soros has given $1.25 million to Abrams’ political action committee, GeorgiaNEXT, since 2014. He also donated $1 million to the Georgia Democratic Party this year to support her campaign for governor.” And that means trouble up and down the ticket for every Republican candidate in the state, as Democrats are blanketing the airwaves with anti-GOP propaganda.

This is a nerve-jangling time to care about politics:

Monday morning, I made the mistake of switching the TV to CNN. As a journalist, sometimes I like to watch CNN just to see what’s happening in that alternative universe where a scion of the Cuomo dynasty is regarded as an impartial arbiter of news. But Monday morning was a bad time to check on CNN, because they were touting a new poll showing Democrat Andrew Gillum leading by 12 points in the Florida gubernatorial campaign.
“Twelve points!” I yelled, jumping off the sofa and heading upstairs to get a cup of coffee, wondering if the world had tilted off its axis overnight, grumbling to myself about this inexplicable poll number. “How the hell could that left-wing bozo be leading by 12 points? Have the people of Florida lost their minds?”
My panic over the Florida governor’s race was eventually resolved. After getting a cup of coffee and checking out Real Clear Politics, I learned that the CNN poll was badly out of line with other recent polls in the state. An examination of CNN’s sample numbers showed a preposterously high percentage of respondents (39%) identified as independent, and when I showed the CNN numbers to a friend in the polling business, he agreed: “No way the independents are that high.”
Still, even if the CNN poll was garbage, Gillum is surprisingly competitive in Florida, running slightly ahead of Republican Ron DeSantis in most polls, and this is cause for concern not only for Florida residents, but for GOP voters nationwide. The Democrats are pouring millions upon millions of dollars into the midterm campaign and, as the situation in Florida shows, Republicans are in the fight of their lives to stop the dreaded “blue wave.” . . .

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