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Democrat Election Theft Update: Pigs Don’t Fly and Questions Are Racist

Posted on | November 11, 2018 | Comments Off on Democrat Election Theft Update: Pigs Don’t Fly and Questions Are Racist

Sarah Hoyt states the obvious:

“Have you noticed there has never been a late-found vote-hoard that gives victory to Republicans? What do you think the chances are? Look out the window, either pigs are flying or it’s fraud.”

Pigs are not flying:

On élection night, it appeared that the GOP had picked up three Senate seats. Now, two of them may be in doubt.
In Florida, there didn’t seem to be any question on November 6. Senator Bill Nelson conceded that he had lost to Governor Rick Scott, while Andrew Gillum likewise conceded to Ron DeSantis. But then the national Democratic Party swung into action. Election officials in Broward County and Palm Beach County began ignoring Florida election laws and, in the case of Palm Beach, a court order. And Nelson and Gillum have withdrawn their concessions.

Nobody can out-cheat Florida Democrats, but Georgia’s trying:

The Democratic Party of Georgia tweeted Saturday evening that a “handful” of Georgia counties reported thousands of “new” absentee, early, and Election Day votes not accounted for by Republican candidate Brian Kemp. . . .
Kemp had 1,975,806 votes to Abrams’ 1,916,931 — a margin of 58,875 votes — leading 50.28 percent to [Democrat Stacey] Abrams’ 48.78 percent. . . .
Kemp’s campaign argued that it was “mathematically impossible” for Abrams to pull ahead or get close enough to trigger a recount, even with the remaining uncounted provisional and military ballots.
But, Abram’s campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo shot back, saying Kemp “lied” about the numbers.

The latest from Georgia:

The unsettled race for Georgia governor tightened over the weekend as Democrat Stacey Abrams prepared litigation to force the counting of more provisional ballots, while Republican Brian Kemp’s campaign said her refusal to concede was “a disgrace to democracy.” 
The clash heightened as a cache of 5,500 provisional and mail-in ballots were reported that showed Kemp’s lead over Abrams shrinking slightly to about 59,000 votes. Some came from counties that days earlier reported all votes had been tallied.
The newly-reported votes overwhelmingly tilted to Abrams and triggered a wave of celebration for Abrams’ supporters. But she still needs to net about 22,000 votes to force a Dec. 4 runoff, and there aren’t many votes that have yet to be reported.  . . .
About 40 counties had yet to report their final provisional ballots by Saturday afternoon, including many larger left-leaning counties where Abrams stands to gain votes.
One of the largest is Fulton County, which on Friday reported rejecting 1,556 of the total 3,722 provisional ballots cast. Nearly 1,000 of the ballots were disqualified because they were out of county, and another 581 were not registered to vote. Three were rejected because they weren’t U.S. citizens.

There is no known limit to how many previously undiscovered votes Democrats can “find” at this stage. Whatever number is necessary to steal an election. they’ll find them somewhere, given enough time. Democrats have no shame about their transparent criminality. Everyone sees what they’re doing, but if you say anything about it, you’re racist:

An election official in Florida implies asking questions is racist. Broward and Palm Beach County are under the microscope following Tuesdays’ mid-term elections. Rick Scott, in the lead for the Senate seat, has already sued Broward County—and won a ruling—to force county officials to comply with election law. But according to Susan Bucher, Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections, apparently asking for information about the election ballot counting process is both disruptive and racist.

Of course, she doesn’t say “racist.” She says, “You know what I mean.” Wink wink. Because everybody’s in on the joke that Republicans are racists. Everybody gets that right? Right?
These kinds of derogatory attacks are so frequent now, that they hardly even get a notice. This is an election official asserting that people who have suspicions about the voting process and want some answers are in the wrong.

They’re “finding” thousands upon thousands of votes for Democrats, and you’re “trying to disrupt our democracy” if you complain about it.

Democrats will celebrate Veterans Day in their customary way, by lying and cheating, because that’s what “our democracy” is all about.



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