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Jonathan Yaniv Is Not a Woman and #IStandWithMeghanMurphy

Posted on | November 25, 2018 | 2 Comments


Jonathan Yaniv is a notorious Canadian pervert who has filed 16 human rights complaints against women for refusing to wax his genitals. Yaniv claims to be transgender, using the name “Jessica.”

A week after the feminist blog Gender Trender exposed Yaniv’s history of describing pedophilic and voyeuristic behavior online, WordPress deleted the entire Gender Trender blog and announced a new policy that “deadnaming” (identifying someone by their birth name) is a terms-of-service violation. When people on Twitter began commenting about this egregious situation, Yaniv and/or other transgender activists got those accounts suspended and, apparently, Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy’s Twitter account has been permanently suspended and Twitter announced its own anti-“deadnaming” policy.


The ramifications of this new policy are alarming. Twitter’s devotion to transgender ideology is such that, apparently, all anyone needs do is to declare that they “identify” as the opposite sex (we have no evidence that Jonathan Yaniv has done anything else in the way of “transition”) and this empowers them to silence their critics on social media platforms. Even someone as prominent as Meghan Murphy — founder of Canada’s leading feminist website — can be banished for speaking out. Certain facts are now prohibited as “hateful conduct” and, evidently, it would now be a violation of Twitter terms of service to quote news coverage of the 2013 trial of Bradley Manning:

A former confidante of the WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning has defended her decision to hold an online Q&A about the soldier’s forthcoming trial, despite her having been named as a key defence witness.
In an open session on the Reddit website, Lauren McNamara said she believed the leaking of hundreds of thousands of classified documents was “irresponsible” but added: “I don’t think Manning had any intention of assisting ‘the enemy’ in his actions.” . . .
McNamara’s involvement in the trial stems from online chats she had with Manning almost a year before his alleged leaking of state and army secrets to the whistle-blowing WikiLeaks website. Manning contacted McNamara — who at the time went by the name Zachary Antolak, but adopted the female persona “ZJ” online — in 2009, while [Manning was] preparing to be deployed in Iraq.
In a series of web chats which have since been made public, the young soldier confided about his sexuality and the bullying he had endured as a gay man in the army.


In 2009, Zachary Antolak communicated with Bradley Manning and, in 2013, these facts were publicly reported, but in 2018, facts are hate, and no one is allowed to say “Chelsea” Manning is a man formerly known as Bradley Manning or that “Lauren McNamara” (aka “Zinnia Jones,” aka “Satana Kennedy”) is a man formerly called Zachary Antolak. This is totalitarianism, reminiscent of Stalin-era propaganda, when Trotsky was airbrushed from historic photos of the Bolshevik Revolution.

People who create fictitious personas for deceptive purposes are being permitted to persecute anyone who exposes their deception. Twitter’s policy is to protect the liars and to punish the truth-tellers.

The hashtag #IStandWithMeghanMurphy is being used on Twitter to raise awareness of the totalitarian transgender tendency.

What we need is an Army of Davids, so to speak, to put the “Streisand Effect” into action here. If everyone who stands for free speech were to tweet this simple message — “Jonathan Yaniv Is Not a Woman #IStandWithMeghanMurphy” — how many thousands of messages might be generated? Could the Thought Police at Twitter ban everyone?

UPDATE: Frank Camp at Daily Wire interviews Meghan Murphy:

DW: Has this experience with Twitter changed your perspective regarding online political life?
MURPHY: It’s blowing my mind how much power trans activists have. I’m not able to make my arguments. What they’re doing is ensuring I can’t talk about this stuff at all on Twitter.
It’s not, “you can’t say offensive things,” or “hateful things,” or “you can’t be mean,” because what I’m saying isn’t hateful or mean or offensive in my opinion. I’m trying to show that this ideology is incoherent and irrational. I’m trying to get them to explain their own arguments and defend their own claims.
If I can’t articulate my position, or ask questions – like “how can a man become a woman?” — then I can’t engage in these conversations at all.
The fact that there’s no accountability is crazy. Twitter doesn’t respond to my appeals; they just send me these form responses that don’t actually explain their policies or explain why I can’t say what I’m saying.

DW: Is there anything you want people to know regarding this situation that hasn’t been touched on?
MURPHY: Like I said before, the amount of power that trans activists have over public debate is incredible and kind of scary. It’s just a few people. There are a few people who have connections to Twitter or work for Twitter who are either trans themselves or allied with this movement who are just dictating these rules.
With the stuff that I’m saying, I have more supporters than detractors — not only online, but in the world. Most people in the world don’t believe it’s possible for a male to become female. Most people think this ideology is ridiculous. A lot of people are afraid to say so, and others are just regular people who aren’t aware this debate is going on.
This minority of people, who have an incredible amount of power, are claiming to be the most marginalized people on the planet. You can’t really be that marginalized when you’re controlling the entire conversation, and changing legislation and policy faster than anyone else has been able to do.

(Hat-tip: Instapundit.)



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