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Transgender Terrorism: British Feminist Professor Targeted for Harassment

Posted on | December 7, 2018 | Comments Off on Transgender Terrorism: British Feminist Professor Targeted for Harassment


The transgender cult tolerates no dissent:

A law professor says she has been threatened with rape and murder and forced to hide behind trees to avoid transgender-rights activists who allegedly drenched her office door in urine.
Prof Rosa Freedman, 35, of Reading University, said an anonymous caller had also found her personal mobile phone number and made a series of ‘harassing’ calls to her overnight.
Women’s rights expert Prof Freedman is among a number of academics that have called for sex and gender to be defined differently in law, which would mean transgender women could be barred from entering ‘women’s only’ toilets or prisons.
Prof Freedman believes her abusers could have been buoyed by academics calling her a ‘bigot’ and ‘transphobic’ over her views on social media.
She has called police and said she was concerned the attacks could escalate after reporting the attack on Twitter in the early hours of this morning.
She wrote: ‘I found my office door covered in urine, including some that had seeped under the door, and I spent time cleaning it up because I could not bear the smell or the shame of what had happened.
‘Last week I discovered criminal damage explicitly encouraging me to leave the University.’ . . .
‘Last night someone seems to have accessed my mobile phone number and has been calling it through the night. . . .
Asked if she was concerned the attacks could escalate, she said: ‘It’s concerning, that being said there’s a student society on campus who are strongly opposed to everything I say – but they’ve come out quite strongly today that they condemn this type of behaviour.’
She added: ‘This started over the last year for many academics that speak about sex and gender being two separate things.
‘I’ve been on Women’s Hour in the last couple of weeks. Yesterday we had a women’s rights meeting organised by Women’s Place UK – it was in Reading and a couple of others were speaking.
‘Some students tried to shut the meeting down and have a protest so that meeting may have started it.’

The lunatics are running the asylum.



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