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The @emrazz Thread: Feminist Dreams of Eliminating All Male Life on Earth

Posted on | December 26, 2018 | 1 Comment


It seems likely that soon — perhaps within 72 hours — the crew at 4chan will have outed and doxxed “Feminist Next Door” (@emrazz), who will then have a conniption about this “harassment.” But you see she engages in behavior that is typical of feminists: They insult men categorically, and then claim victimhood when men respond with anger.


It should be obvious that “not all men” is never a proper reply to feminist insults. The way to deal with this kind of anti-male hate rhetoric is not to get up in her face on Twitter, spewing out whatever comes to mind, but rather to point out the rhetorical error. She asks her female followers to imagine the blessings of a male-free world as if males as a category are universally dangerous to women (yes, all women). This assertion is clearly false, as even she admits in another context:


Were we to stipulate, arguendo, that this “1-in-5” statistic is accurate, this would mean that 80% of U.S. women are never raped. Thus, despite the pervasive menace of “toxic masculinity,” “rape culture,” etc., the vast majority of American women live in comparative safety. Well, then, who are the victims, and who are the perpetrators, of rape and other forms of violence against women? That is to say: Who is raping whom?

Rape doesn’t happen randomly, as can be demonstrated by statistics provided by RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), the largest U.S. anti-sexual violence organization. For example, females ages 16-19 are 4 times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault, and more than two-thirds of victims (69%) are between the ages of 12 and 34. Nor are the perpetrators of sexual violence randomly distributed in the population. More than half of all accused rapists have at least one prior criminal conviction, and nearly 40% have two or more convictions. Furthermore, according to RAINN, 27% of rapists are black, which is nearly twice their percentage of the overall U.S. population (14%). Feminist rhetoric about “violence against women” doesn’t acknowledge these realities, preferring to stigmatize males categorically. Merely to be male is to be complicit in “rape culture,” according to feminists who commonly assert that all women are equally vulnerable to what @emrazz calls “targeted violence.”

Because the vast majority of men are not rapists, they are offended by feminist rhetoric that implies they represent a threat to women. And because the vast majority of women are never victims of sexual assault, men perceive that feminists are promoting irrational anti-male prejudice — seeking to inspire a paranoid fear and hatred of men.

Feminists who demonize males, per se (as @emrazz does), are engaged in what would be called “hate speech” if it were directed against immigrants, racial minorities or homosexuals, and yet feminism denies that men have any right to object to this demonizing rhetoric. When men attempt to address the problem of sexual violence in a rational way (e.g., risk reduction), feminists will accuse them of “victim-blaming.” We know, for example, that female college students are most vulnerable to sexual assault in situations involving alcohol consumption. Because the legal drinking age in the U.S. is 21, and most college students are younger than 21, colleges might reduce the incidence of rape on campus simply by cracking down on underage drinking. To suggest such a practical solution, however, is to engage in “victim-blaming,” according to feminists, who are clearly more interested in stigmatizing male students (all of them, collectively) as rapists than in preventing rape.

Using deceptive rhetoric to demonize all men — imagining a world without males as a feminist ideal — will predictably provoke many men to make angry responses, some of which will be obscene, and these responses will then be cited by feminists as proof that men “just don’t get it.” This is a sort of game feminists like to play, and they don’t seem to understand that this is dishonest and unfair. But if they cared about honesty and fairness, they wouldn’t be feminists, would they?

Now, I have predicted that @emrazz will be doxxed as a result of her insulting rhetoric and I should hasten to add I am against doxxing. But I point out this likelihood in order to prepare you to see her doxxing cited by feminists as evidence that Twitter needs to do more to silence the opponents of feminism. The banishments will continue until feminists and other SJWs exercise totalitarian control of all social media.



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