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Fat Black Lesbian Sentenced to Federal Prison for $5.4 Million Swindle

Posted on | January 24, 2019 | Comments Off on Fat Black Lesbian Sentenced to Federal Prison for $5.4 Million Swindle

Living large: Keisha Williams on a 2018 trip to Disney World.

Look, the facts aren’t “hate,” and the headline is strictly factual. Keisha Williams is black, she could probably stand to lose a few pounds and, of the millions of dollars federal prosecutors say she swindled from investors, nearly half a million of it went to support her girlfriend:

After two days of jury trial, an Ashburn [Virginia] woman pleaded guilty [Oct. 18] to wire fraud, money laundering, conspiracy to impersonate a federal agent to demand money, and obtaining confidential phone records.
According to court documents and the evidence at trial, Keisha L. Williams, 43, solicited over $5.4 million from more than 50 victims by telling them that she had paid a lot of money for a certain healthcare-related software overseas in Austria; that the software was being held in “escrow” because she still owed taxes, attorney’s fees, and other debt associated with the purchase; and that if they would just give her a short-term loan to get this software out of escrow and bring it to the United States, the software would be a huge success and everyone would be quickly repaid, with interest.
In truth, Williams spent over 95 percent of the victims’ money on creating a lifestyle of luxury for herself, including millions on international travel, retail purchases at stores like Chanel and Gucci, and close to half a million on maintaining her girlfriend. Williams also recruited others to pose as federal law enforcement agents in order to demand money from several individuals to whom she sent proceeds of the software fraud. Williams recruited still other individuals to purchase private telephone records of one of the extortion victims from T-Mobile retail stores.
Four other individuals entered guilty pleas in connection with this case before trial.

Keisha Williams was sentenced last week to 15½ years in federal prison, and her “lifestyle of luxury” is now a matter of public record. She conned 70-year-old Christian D’Andrade out of $1.4 million:

“The way in which you spent this money … is appalling,” Judge Leonie M. Brinkema told her before imposing the sentence Friday in federal court in Alexandria. “It was one of the worst (cases) I’ve seen.” . . .
D’Andrade, 70, lost his business, his two houses, car and all his savings, according to court papers, along with the savings of his girlfriend, ex-wife and a business mentee. . . .
She faked bank documents to claim she would soon get a $58 million loan from “John,” described by prosecutors in a court filing as “a fictional cancer-ridden Texas billionaire.”
When she pretended to be at a Dallas hospital negotiating with John, the court records show Williams was actually at Disney World and then on a $75,000 trip to Jamaica for her girlfriend’s birthday.
Repeatedly, when telling D’Andrade she was broke and struggling to deal with both financial and medical emergencies, Williams was on trips with her girlfriend all over the world.
“It’s so much pain!” she texted him in December 2017. “I have a massive headache can’t even open my eyes barely and still trying to find remaining money to get this done today.”
She was, in reality, on vacation in the Bahamas, where in text messages she crowed that the hotel had given her four butlers but complained about her cabana’s lack of a balcony. . . .
A month before Williams’ arrest in February 2018, D’Andrade sent her his Social Security check.
“I normally use that to [pay] my phone and utility bills which is over due,” he wrote. “I will see if [I] can get a few days extension on them.”
Williams was on a trip to Italy at the time, staying at five-star hotels in Florence, Rome and Venice. Estimating she spent about $200,000 on the trip, she told a friend, “It’s worth every penny, the memories and the beauty and culture of other places is priceless.”

How many of you earn less in a year than the $75,000 Keisha Williams spent for her girlfriend’s birthday trip to Jamaica? We are all endlessly lectured about the evils of racism, sexism and homophobia and, according to the “intersectional” social justice calculus of identity politics, Keisha Williams was a victim of oppression. Also, she’s fat.

Maybe that’s why her cabana in the Bahamas didn’t have a balcony, eh?





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