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Tucker Carlson: Still Not Sorry

Posted on | March 12, 2019 | Comments Off on Tucker Carlson: Still Not Sorry


“One of the only places left in the United States where independent thoughts are allowed is right here, the opinion hours on this network, just a few hours in a sea of television programming. It’s not much, relatively speaking. For the left, it’s unacceptable. They demand total conformity. Since the day we went on the air, they’ve been working hard to kill this show.”
Tucker Carlson

If you don’t understand what’s happening now, you perhaps didn’t notice this Legal Insurrection headline from 2011:

Media Matters Plans “Guerrilla Warfare
and Sabotage” on Fox News
And Conservative Websites

Eight years ago, David Brock openly described the “opposition research” Media Matters was doing as part of a “war” against Fox News, and their smear against Tucker Carlson is just the latest salvo. It is astonishing to think someone spent hours listening to recordings of old episodes of “Bubba the Love Sponge” for the sake of this “gotcha” effort. Like, can you imagine being Madeline Peltz (Oberlin College, Class of 2016) and your job every day for weeks is transcribing “unearthed audio”?

Evidently, Ms. Peltz is part of a team assigned to take down Carlson. It’s what she gets paid for, it’s her tax-exempt non-profit job to destroy him. Imagine writing a headline like this:


Advertisers on Carlson’s program, according to Ms. Peltz, are “sponsoring fascism” and Carlson is promoting “extremist ideology that . . . actually puts marginalized communities under direct threat of material harm.” Wbere is the evidence of this “material harm”? Carlson has the highest-rated program on the No. 1 cable news channel in America. About 3 million people tune in to watch Carlson nightly. If he is promoting fascist extremism against “marginalized communities,” shouldn’t someone be able to demonstrate this with, y’know, facts and evidence and stuff? But such defamatory assertions are an acceptable mode of discourse for the tax-exempt non-profit organization that pays people like Ms. Peltz to smear anyone on David Brock’s Enemies List.

As I noted Monday, Carlson seems to have read Vox Day’s advice against apologizing when you’re under attack by SJWs, and on Monday night, he just flat-out lit them up in his opening monologue:


Let’s see who survives this war, eh? Shock and awe, baby.



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