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God and Women’s Soccer at Yale

Posted on | March 16, 2019 | 1 Comment


Rudy Meredith was the coach of women’s soccer at Yale University for 24 years, winning 224 games and the 2005 Ivy League championship. He resigned in November and has pleaded guilty to federal charges:

The biggest school admissions scandal ever prosecuted began with a tip from an executive investigators were targeting in a securities fraud probe, a law enforcement official said Thursday.
The executive told Boston authorities chasing down the market manipulation scheme that the women’s soccer coach at Yale University said he would label the executive’s daughter as a recruit in exchange for cash, the official said. The official was not authorized to discuss the case and spoke on the condition of anonymity.
Investigators recorded a meeting between the executive and the coach at a Boston hotel room in April 2018. During the meeting, which is described in court documents, authorities say Rudy Meredith told the father he would help his daughter get into Yale in exchange for $450,000. Meredith accepted $2,000 in cash in the hotel room and gave the executive directions about how to wire the rest of the money, authorities say.
Meredith began cooperating with the investigation that same month in the hopes of getting a lesser sentence, prosecutors say in court documents. Meredith, who resigned from Yale in November, has agreed to plead guilty to charges including wire fraud. . . .
At least nine athletic coaches and 33 parents, many of them prominent in law, finance, fashion, the food and beverage industry and other fields, have been charged in the case. They include Hollywood stars Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.
Prosecutors said that parents paid an admissions consultant to bribe coaches and administrators to falsely make their children look like star athletes to boost their chances of getting accepted. . . .
The consultant, William “Rick” Singer, pleaded guilty to fraud and conspiracy charges in federal court Tuesday in Boston.

Professor Glenn Reynolds, a Yale Law alumnus, shares an email from Yale President Peter Salovey, calling the scandal “an affront to our community’s deeply held values of fairness, inclusion, and honesty.” Also, Salovey is one of the worst university presidents in America.

It was at Yale, in the early years of the Cold War, that a student named William F. Buckley Jr. observed and described the first signs of decadence in elite education. God and Man at Yale showed how “academic freedom” was employed as an excuse for teaching students values contrary to those for which the university claimed to stand, and contrary also to the values of the alumni who funded Yale. The faculty and administration were able to fend off the challenge to “academic freedom,” in part by smearing Buckley as a fascist and in part by pretending to take his criticisms seriously while, in fact, doing nothing to prevent further subversion. Thus, the moral decay at Yale and other elite schools continued to grow steadily worse until the 1960s, when Ivy League campuses erupted in radical protests and cowardly administrators surrendered to the student radicals. And eventually, the former student radicals became professors themselves.

No well-informed Christian parent nowadays would wish his child to attend Yale, where both the faculty and student body are composed almost entirely of atheists, sexual perverts and Democrats:

Data from Federal Election Commission filings demonstrate that a vast majority of 2018 campaign contributions made by Yale faculty members went to Democratic campaigns and political action committees.
The News analyzed this year’s donations from University employees who are listed as professors, lecturers and instructors based on public data from the FEC. Since Jan. 1, Yale professors, lecturers and instructors have donated $302,943 to political candidates, political action committees, super PACs and nonprofit organizations. 96 percent of these donations went to Democratic political campaigns and committees.

There are few places in America where you’re less likely to find a Republican than on the Yale University faculty. In Cook County, Illinois, which includes Chicago, Hillary Clinton got only 75% of the vote, and even in San Francisco she got only 86% of the vote, yet Democrats receive nearly 100% support from Yale’s faculty. Given this fact, is anyone actually surprised that Yale is a festering swamp of corruption, where coaches solicit bribes to lie about applicants’ qualifications?



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