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The Dutch Trump Is Awesome

Posted on | March 29, 2019 | 1 Comment


Nowadays, whenever you see the media label a politician “far-right,” you figure he must be awesome, and this rule appears to be valid in the case of Thierry Baudet, a Dutch politician who is being compared to Donald Trump after his Forum for Democracy (FvD) party won provincial elections. This makes Baudet’s party a potential threat to Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s liberal VVD party. Baudet is anti-EU, anti-immigration and a climate-change skeptic. He speaks brutal truth:

Thanks to a sophisticated social media operation and regular appearances on popular TV talks shows, Baudet and his party have managed to reach a large audience.
Two days before the election, the campaign shifted focus to migration after a Turkish-born man was arrested following a shooting in Utrecht in which three people were killed. Baudet was swift in his response, blaming the government’s migration policy for the attack just hours after the shooting. At the time of his remarks, all other parties had suspended campaigning in memory of those who lost their lives.
“We are being destroyed by the people who are supposed to be protecting us,” Baudet told supporters after his election win. “Successive Rutte governments have left our borders wide open, letting in hundreds of thousands of people with cultures completely different to ours.”

This is simply a fact, a truth that nobody is supposed to mention because it’s now “far-right” to speak the truth — including the truth about women:

In an interview in 2017, Baudet said “women generally excel less in a lot of occupations and have fewer ambitions,” adding that they are “often also more interested in just more family-like things.” Three years earlier, he wrote in an op-ed that women “do not want you to respect their no, to respect their resistance. The reality is that women want to be overwhelmed, dominated, yes; want to be overpowered.”

To employ a marketplace analogy, when it comes to sex, women are the supply and men are the demand and, in negotiating the transaction, the woman does not wish to seem too eager to close the deal. Her show of reluctance is an attempt to bid up the price, as it were, but courtesy requires men to pretend we don’t understand this. Nor are men allowed (at least publicly) to discuss strategy vis-a-vis female sexuality. Women are insulted by the suggestion that any man could be sufficiently shrewd to understand the psychology of sex well enough to win the game. Knowing this, of course, the shrewd player learns to act as if he’s not really playing, but rather just spontaneously doing what comes natural — a method actor, so to speak, cast in the role of the lovable brute.

Baudet bluntly analyzes the “nice guy” problem:

Aardige jongens halen het slechtste in jonge vrouwen naar boven. In weerwil van het dominante discours over het ‘zwakke’ geslacht is geen diersoort zo wreed als de jonge vrouw. Misschien is het evolutionair te verklaren – dat vrouwen een sterke spermadonor zoeken voor de voortplanting; dat het voortbestaan van de soort van een dergelijk afweermechanisme afhankelijk is.


Nice guys bring out the worst in young women. In spite of the dominant discourse on the ‘weak’ sex, no animal species is as cruel as the young woman. Perhaps it can be explained evolutionally — that women seek a strong sperm donor for reproduction; that the survival of the species depends on such a defense mechanism.

Well, is he wrong about this? Women are generally unaware of their own cruelty. Having it within her power to make a boy spectacularly happy — ecstatic, euphoric, giddy with happiness — the teenage girl instead finds it more advantageous to deny him that pleasure and, to the adult who understands this as a matter of incentives, the romantic cat-and-mouse game is amusing to watch. Having both sons and daughters, I see both sides of the struggle. It’s rather too easy for a grown man to forget the misery a girl can inflict on a lovestruck boy, and it’s even possible to be deceived by feminist nonsense about women’s perpetual victimhood.

Life ultimately sorts people out as winners or losers, and while female losers have an entire political movement devoted to their grievances, the plight of the male loser is mocked to scorn. God forbid anyone should give a young man advice on how to win, which was the controversy Thierry Baudet was addressing in that 2014 column about the furor surrounding Swiss pickup artist Julien Blanc.

Anyway, this guy Baudet might soon become somebody important, and it’s nice to see that truth still counts for something in politics.


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