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The Collusion Delusion Boomerang

Posted on | April 13, 2019 | 1 Comment


Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) have still not recovered from Attorney General William Barr’s testimony Wednesday that he believes “spying did occur” in 2016, and that he intends to investigate the Obama administration’s surveillance of the Trump campaign. That word “spying” seemed to have a traumatic effect on Democrats, and their media allies immediately began to spin this as Barr promoting a “conspiracy theory,” even though it is just a plain statement of known facts: Yes, the FBI targeted Trump campaign officials for surveillance, based on the Steele dossier commissioned by the Clinton campaign.

Last May, after it was revealed that the FBI had used an informant, Cambridge professor Stefan Halper, to spy on Trump campaign aides Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, I wrote this:

Here’s the thing: FBI officials didn’t expect Hillary to lose. As we know, text messages between two high-ranking FBI officials discussed an “insurance policy” to prevent Trump from becoming president. Because they expected Hillary to win, they also expected to be able to prevent this taxpayer-funded espionage from becoming public knowledge.
And then Trump won.
Democrat operatives — in the Clinton campaign, in the Obama administration, in the federal bureaucracy, and in the media — panicked at the thought of what the newly-elected president might do (e.g., expose the corruption at the Justice Department) used information from the Steele dossier as a pretext for the Mueller “investigation.” Yet there was never any actual “Russian collusion” to investigate, and the purpose of appointing a special counsel was . . . what? To create a phony “scandal”? To undermine the legitimacy of the new administration? To cover up wrongdoing by the Obama administration and the FBI?

The Mueller investigation was part of a cover-up, intended to prevent the public from becoming aware of the (potentially criminal) domestic espionage operation against the Trump campaign. So now, after two years, Mueller has concluded his phony investigation without producing evidence of the (non-existent) “collusion,” and there’s a new attorney general with no conflicts of interest to prevent him from investigating exactly what kind of shenanigans went on at the DOJ during the Obama years. Can you understand why Democrats are freaking out?

Patricia McCarthy writes:

When A.G. Barr stated he would be investigating the “spying” on the Trump campaign, the Democrats on the committee were shocked, truly stunned. How dare he suggest such a thing? These folks, for over two years, have had their heads deep in ostrich sand. They are apparently completely unaware, or pretend to be, of the massive amounts of actual proof that the Obama administration illegally attempted to eliminate Trump from the running by trying to plant its own spies in the campaign and surveil under prohibited pretexts. Part of this plan was to create and amass fake evidence to be used against him. As almost everyone knows by now, the “Russia Collusion” hoax was just that, a hoax, devised by persons with power in the FBI, the DOJ, the NSA and the Obama administration. Once Hillary lost the election, her minions, such as the disreputable Rob Mook, were right there to get the claim out that she lost because “the Russians hacked the election.” Yeah, right. No way. Not a chance. Did she know then that her supporters in the Obama administration, the FBI, and the DOJ had already implemented a stratagem to undo his victory? Probably. That would explain her leap to blame her loss on “the Russians.”

(Hat-tip: Instapundit.) The most common-sense interpretation of what we know is that the spying on the Trump campaign was conducted with the approval of then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and, at least, the tacit approval of President Obama himself. So all the media and congressional Democrats who have spent the past two years hyping up the phony “Russian collusion” narrative will now find their demands for a thorough investigation come boomeranging back at them.



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