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S.F. Police Raid Reporter’s Home

Posted on | May 13, 2019 | 1 Comment

In February, San Francisco public defender Jeff Adachi decided to spend Sunday with his mistress. He told his wife he was going to the gym, but instead went to a vacant Telegraph Hill apartment, which a friendly real estate agent, Susan Kurtz, had permitted him to use. There, Adachi spent the day with a woman known only as “Catalina,” according to a police report made public by freelance reporter Bryan Carmody. The police report provided the details of how Adachi spent the final day of his life. After consuming cocaine, alcohol and cannabis, Adachi began experiencing severe upper-abdominal pain and sweating profusely. By the time “Catalina” called 911, it was too late to save the married 59-year-old lawyer, who died about 5:45 p.m. from cardiac arrest.

Adachi was a longtime adversary of San Francisco’s police department, and the unauthorized leak of a police report with details of his death was viewed as retaliation. Friday morning, police raided Bryan Carmody’s home with a search warrant, seeking to discover the source of his information, which he has refused to divulge. Glenn Reynolds remarks that “if Bill Barr were sending FBI agents to raid journalists’ homes in search of leakers, we’d be told that the Fourth Reich had descended on America,” but because this is happening in liberal San Francisco, we are expected not to notice the threat to First Amendment freedoms.



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