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‘Strong Delusion’

Posted on | May 24, 2019 | Comments Off on ‘Strong Delusion’


Richard Cooper called attention to this woman’s online dating profile: A 22-year-old unmarried mother who demands that any guy who contacts her must be 6-foot-3 with “stable housing and income … open to the idea of marriage … intelligent,” etc. Beggars can’t be choosers, ma’am.

The average height of U.S. males is 5-foot-9. At 5-foot-11, a man is in the top 25%, at 6 feet, he’s in the top 10%. The man who is 6-foot-3 is taller than 99% of men in the United States.

Thus, the woman begins by eliminating 99% of all males from her search, and then adds numerous other qualifiers, as if such men are so numerous that they’ll be lining up for the opportunity to date this not-very-attractive woman who, by the way, has another man’s child in tow.

What is this woman thinking? Her unrealistic expectations remind me of the Apostle Paul’s warning about “strong delusion” that will seize the minds of those who “had pleasure in unrighteousness.” I’m also reminded of Elliot Rodger, the murderous dweeb who grandiosely declared himself the “Supreme Gentleman” before his murder-suicide spree.


Recall that the “incel” killer, who had no close friends and was such an introvert he couldn’t summon the courage to talk to girls, was convinced that he was entitled to the companionship of blonde beauties. This kind of grandiose delusion is symptomatic of a damaged ego engaged in a defense mechanism, overcompensating for negative feedback. There’s a sort of sour-grapes rationalization involved: “These ordinary people who reject me are inferior, unworthy of my attention.” The reason he can’t get laid, the loser tells himself, is that women are too shallow and stupid to appreciate his superior qualities. And this is relevant to the single mother who evidently expects a 6-foot-3 knight in shining armor to rescue her by swiping right on her dating-app profile.

We might guess that this woman’s “strong delusion” — her irrational overestimation of her chances in the mating market — is just additional evidence of the poor judgment that resulted in her being a 22-year-old unmarried mother. She is too stupid to realize how stupid she is. Such people will stumble from one easily avoided disaster to the next, ignoring the wise advice of those around them. They are “trouble magnets,” attracting to themselves bad influences, and are easily deceived.

As easy as it is to laugh such idiots, many women with elite education are prone to similar folly. We call these women “feminists.”


Remember Ella Dawson, the graduate of elite Wesleyan University who made her name a synonym for herpes? Well, she recently unleashed a Twitter thread that included some interesting remarks:


She concludes: “I was petrified of being dismissed as desperate, when what I actually was… was demanding. I was demanding what I deserved.”

Let’s scrutinize the word “deserved” here. How does one deserve respect? What did Ms. Dawson do that would inspire others to respect her? Has she comported herself in a respectable manner? And if respect is something deserved, is it Ms. Dawson’s habit to treat others with respect? Or is she generally disrespectful to others?


If you do not behave respectably, you should not be surprised when people do not treat you with respect. Given that Ms. Dawson has not only boasted about her irresponsible sexual behavior, but has encouraged others to emulate her behavior, while hurling abusive language at anyone she disagrees with, it is difficult to say how or why she believes she has deserved respect. Ms. Dawson just turned 27, which means she can no longer use her just-out-of-college naïveté as an excuse.

Furthermore, as anyone who has read The Rational Male must realize, Ms. Dawson has entered her Epiphany Phase, in which a woman who has ridden the carousel realizes her SMV is not a durable commodity, and that she is at risk of becoming surplus goods in the mating market.

What is her solution? How can a woman who made her name synonymous with an incurable sexual virus convince a Beta provider that she is the kind of Quality Woman he should marry? Her Twitter lecture about being “desperate” seems to be an attempt to sell herself as having gained wisdom from her past experience — she now knows what she was looking for when she began screwing around so recklessly as a teenager.

Will she be able to sell that rationalization? Depends on who’s buying. There are plenty of Blue-Pill Beta males out there, and Ms. Dawson lives in New York City, where Hillary Clinton got nearly 90% of the vote in 2016, so most of the men she encounters are unlikely to question whatever rationalization she offers. On the other hand, what man wants a wife with such a notorious reputation? Well, sure, there’s Andrew Golis, but such Harvard-educated fools are rare. And thank God for that.



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