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Good-Bye, Bob

Posted on | May 29, 2019 | Comments Off on Good-Bye, Bob


If you watched Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s weird valedictory appearance today, you know that he made a point of saying that he couldn’t testify to anything that wasn’t in the report of his investigation. So plans by Democrats to have Mueller dragged in front of a committee as a witness against President Trump (or against Attorney General William Barr) will evidently have to be scrapped. The headline at Ace of Spades — “Mueller Tries to Jumpstart Impeachment Effort, Throw the Deep State a Life-Line” — is an accurate assessment of Mueller’s intention. He basically said, “I’ve done my job, now Congress should do its job and impeach this guy, but don’t ask me for any more help.”

What does this mean going forward? It’s up to Nancy Pelosi, really. We can expect the media and the Democratic presidential candidates to beat the drums for impeachment, but are there really enough votes in Pelosi’s caucus to make that happen? Or is it more likely — as I think — that Democrats will just keep issuing subpoenas, holding committee hearings and talk, talk, talking about “obstruction of justice”?



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