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Bill De Blasio or a Ham Sandwich?

Posted on | May 30, 2019 | Comments Off on Bill De Blasio or a Ham Sandwich?


Which one has a better chance of being elected president? The New York mayor’s poll numbers are zero, and meanwhile, this morning I received an email press release from the #Ham2020 campaign:

Ham Sandwich Officially Launches Presidential Campaign
27th or 28th? Candidate for the U.S Presidency!
With a single Instagram post this friggin delicious Sandwich running for president has more support and followers than some presidential candidates. Not to say names, but, Bill *cough” De Blasio and others. (Seriously!)
Check the HAM out.
Team HAM 2020

Just reporting the facts here, folks. Perhaps the candidate will promise to cut back on, uh, pork-barrel spending in D.C.?



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