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Can Republicans Stop Losing Long Enough for the Left to Destroy Itself?

Posted on | June 12, 2019 | 2 Comments

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate infighting among conservatives? This problem didn’t start with the #NeverTrump crowd. It’s been a problem since the 1950s, at least, and what makes it so frustrating to me is my certainty that, if conservatives could just cease quarreling, unite and maintain control of Washington for a few years, the Left would implode from its own internal contradictions. The Left generally, and the Democratic Party in particular, are so obsessed with power — they want to control every aspect of our lives — that whenever they’re out of power, they suffer a sort of collective nervous breakdown. This is the real story of why Donald Trump has been so demonized. After eight years of Obama, Democrats had come to believe they had found the magic formula that gave them a lock on the White House, and the party’s radical grassroots were busy planning what they’d do once Hillary was in office. Having assumed the continuation of their own power (and having believed their own propaganda), all these people were then completely freaked out by Trump’s victory, and they still haven’t recovered from the trauma.

The endless carping of the #NeverTrump crowd undermines the ability of Republicans to consolidate what they gained by Trump’s victory, and distracts from the opportunity for creative disruption — finding ways to rattle the cages of the Left, to threaten their institutional power bases.

Imagine the sense of panic among academic social justice warriors, for example, at last week’s jury verdict against Oberlin College. If they can no longer get away with phony accusations of racism, this threatens the very core of their enterprise, because what’s the point of being Dean of Students if you can’t mobilize the campus for social justice crusades against mythical dragons of racism, sexism and homophobia?

Or consider the frantic efforts of the Left to silence conservatives on the Internet. Demonetizing the YouTube channel of Steven Crowder, whose Thought Crime was to make fun of a liberal, demonstrates just how desperate the Left is to “win” arguments by suppressing dissent. Their digital goon squads have gotten so out of control that they suspended the Twitter account of a left-wing journalist because they found his book cover offensive. When we can demonstrate how leftists always abuse whatever power they have — and their power inside Big Tech social-media companies is nearly as absolute as their power within academia — this is certainly an effective argument against giving them more power.

Consider the messes that Democrats make wherever they obtain power. Do you really want to turn the rest of America into California? Bankrupt bullet-trains to nowhere, junkies shooting heroin in the streets, outbreaks of Third World diseases — yes, Democrats have ruined California, and they want to ruin the entire country the same way. Yet we see certain Republicans, because of their irrational #NeverTrump sentiments, endeavoring to help Democrats regain the power they lost when Hillary was defeated. Why? What kind of short-sighted selfishness or prejudice can explain the behavior of Charlie Sykes, Tom Nichols, et al.?



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