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Is Barrett Brown Back on the Junk?

Posted on | July 1, 2019 | Comments Off on Is Barrett Brown Back on the Junk?


Judging from his disheveled appearance and incoherent manner in a recent YouTube video, I think it’s entirely possible that Barrett Brown has returned to his heroin habit. He’s definitely returned to his idée fixe — the “Team Themis” conspiracy theory he spent so much time babbling about before his epic September 2012 YouTube meltdown, when he threatened an FBI agent and eventually ended up in federal prison.

Having gone months without giving any thought whatsoever to Barrett Brown, I was startled when my brother called me late Monday to inform me that the former spokesman for Anonymous had shown up in the comments of my post about Portland’s Antifa terrorists:

Hey there, Stacy!
Did you happen to know that the Neal Rauhauser fellow you and Pat Frey decided to tie me to despite my efforts to assist Frey was working for both Infragard and the FBI? In fact, for the same FBI handler that ran Jennifer Emick, Daniel Borsuk?
Did you happen to know of this, Stacy? Because it kind of seems like you were cooperating pretty hard with the FBI and Emick to smooth the way into prison for me, and no bond, etc. And that does sound like the sort of cowardly thing that a neo-confederate man-child mediocrity would pull against someone whom he was never comfortable actually linking to when trying to refute him. Sounds like a Sons of Confederate Veterans move.
Want to see those documents, and the call I had with the agent this morning?
Go back and read the articles you had Emick write here, and the ones you wrote about me before I got back out and you shut right the fuck back up again. Then look at Neal here checking in with Emick’s scummy FBI handler. You’re not even a snitch; you’re a greasy little police informant disinformation artist.
That’s how you’ll be remembered, Stacy.

What, exactly, is he ranting about? It was not a secret that Neal Rauhauser frequently communicated with the FBI — Neal boasted about it, and many people believed he was being “protected” by the FBI because of his value as an informant. Was Neal “working for . . . the FBI”? Was he on their payroll? Considering the vast sums Neal owed in unpaid child-support, I would consider it highly unlikely the feds would hire him, even if they could possibly get him a security clearance, which of course they couldn’t. And screen-shot copies of emails as “evidence” of such a relationship? As if this kind of “evidence” couldn’t be forged?

This last time I paid any attention to Barrett was in November 2016 (“Notoriously Crazy Felon Barrett Brown Has Been Released From Federal Prison”) at which time I wrote this:

This “investigative journalist” bullshit is the hero-martyr narrative Barrett’s paranoid anarchist fanboys want to believe, in the same way some people want to believe Jim Garrison’s crackpot conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination, but it simply is not true.
Brown was an opportunistic famewhore who got in over his head trying to cash in on the “Anonymous” criminal hacking spree of 2010-2011. He appointed himself the unofficial spokesman for Anonymous, fooled quite a few clueless mainstream journalists into taking him seriously, hustled a book deal for himself and a co-author and then . . .
Oh, it’s a long, sad story.

You can read the rest of that. As to why Barrett decided to drop in on the comments here, my guess is he’s lonely and wants attention. But who knows what goes on in the mind of a madman?



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