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Have I Ever Mentioned How Much Ace Hates Him Some Never-Trumpers?

Posted on | July 8, 2019 | Comments Off on Have I Ever Mentioned How Much Ace Hates Him Some Never-Trumpers?

In the sidebar, Ace keeps taking jabs like this one at Seth Mandel:

Local Soyboy Beta Cuck Shocked, Surprised to Learn That His Leftwing Twitter Friends Are Extremists Who Support Antifa
Noted author of Everything I Ever Needed To Learn I Learned in the First Term of the Younger Bush Administration
NPC SOFTWARE UPDATE NOTICE: You have not updated your NPC Software in sixteen years. We will schedule an automatic update to your NPC Software at 3:15 am tonight. Accept/Decline?

You probably get that joke, but if not, I’ll explain that “NPC” stands for “Non Player Character,” a sort of preprogrammed feature in a videogame, and the reference to “sixteen years” takes us back to 2003, i.e., invading Iraq as part of the Global War on Terrorism, so what Ace is saying, basically, is that Mandel is stuck with an obsolete Bush-era model of “compassionate conservatism” that is inoperable in 2019.

Another sidebar jab:

Hey, who’s that retweeting Russian state TV propaganda….? Is that… Oh my stars and garters, it’s super TruCon and “functionally pro-life” nepot and grifter Jonah Goldberg
As John Lydon/Johnny Rotten asked, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”
I wonder if the Jonah/Steve Hayes project will disclose their angel investors. I have a few guesses about who’d be on that list.
i wonder if the Cuckshed and Cuckshed Jr. will have any spats about poaching each other’s leftwing investors
Note that this Pretend Intellectual makes no effort at all to synthesize news of RUSSIAN state TV mocking Trump with his previous “PUTIN WANTED TRUMP” conspiracy theories. It doesn’t matter, I guess — as long as it’s negative stuff about Trump.
Here are my core unshakable beliefs — If you don’t like them, I have others.
I find Jonah Goldberg’s thinking flabby and lacking proper support, like his moobs. Ou, en francais, “son beetch-teets.”

Again, you probably get that, but if not, I’ll explain that the “Cuckshed” refers to The Bulwark, a site run by refugees from the Weekly Standard, and “Cuckshed Jr.” refers to a similar Never-Trump project with Goldberg and ex-Standard editor Stephen Hayes, who used to be a regular Fox News commentator back in the day, circa 2011, when the Mitt Romney presidential juggernaut was a thing. Why does Ace keep taking these jabs? My own instinct is just to ignore the Never-Trump crowd and let them slide into forgotten oblivion, but I think Ace might actually be smarter than me, playing three-dimensional chess, as it were.

Just a guess here, but what Ace might be thinking is that this whole constellation of washed-up former Fox News stars will eventually emerge in the fall of 2020 to campaign for whoever the Democrats nominate. They’ll be the faces of “Republicans for (Fill-in-the-Blank Democrat).” And so Ace is sagaciously monitoring them, reminding his readers that all these guys are a faithless crew of untrustworthy RINO quislings.

On the other hand, maybe there’s no 3D chess strategic insight involved and Ace just really hates their guts. Look how he sticks a few good shots at David French in the middle of a post about Starbucks. You’ve got to admit, this stuff is fun to read, whether it’s strategic or not.

Of all the stupid things I’ve ever done in life, the one mistake I never made was pissing off Ace so bad he started making fun of me. No wise man would ever want to become an object of his sarcasm. By the way, that’s how I “won” my showdown with LGF’s Charles Johnson back in 2009. CJ had been building up bad karma in the right-wing blogosphere for a while, and when he came after me, Ace finally let fire with the big guns. What Ace did to CJ was quite like what happened to Burnside at Fredericksburg, where Longstreet’s chief of artillery boasted, “General, we cover that ground now so well that we will comb it as with a fine-tooth comb. A chicken could not live on that field when we open on it.”

Some of you may wonder, “Who is this ‘Charles Johnson’ of whom he speaks?” Yes, it’s been a decade since The Race Detective was relevant, and that’s the point — our Never-Trump Republicans have marginalized themselves in such a way that they are probably doomed to the same fate. Ten years from now, most people will not even remember them.



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