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In The Mailbox: 07.08.19

Posted on | July 8, 2019 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Bacon Time: Of Course Democrats Spy On Americans
Knowledge Buffet: Country Men, or, What Comes After Proud Boys
357 Magnum: A SWAT Raid For Housing Code Violations
EBL: Another Day, Another Asshat, also, Commodore Perry Sails Into Tokyo Bay, 1853
Twitchy: Lefty Gun Grabbers Flip Out On Dana Loesch For Accurately Framing Eric Swalwell’s Nuke Threat
Louder With Crowder: The Jig Is Up, AOC, You’re An Overdramatic Fraud! also, Pelosi Claims Trump Is Using Census To “Make America White Again”

Adam Piggott: We Don’t Do Gay, also, Podcast #114 – The Bucket List Episode
American Greatness: Angry About Border Conditions? Blame Congress, also, The Cowardice Of The College Republicans
American Power: How The “Invisible Primary” May Choose The Dems’ 2020 Nominee, also, School Bus Driver Drives Bus Full Of Kids Through Raging Floodwaters
American Thinker: Welcome To The Democrat Freak Show, also, The Democrats’ Situational Racism
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: How The Press Became Castro’s Willing Accomplice, also, Duality At Duke – Castro Si, Robert E. Lee No
BattleSwarm:  Trump Says Immigration Raids Are Back On, also, Democratic Clown Car Update
Camp of the Saints: On The Will To Power & Democracy
CDR Salamander: Moran’s Defenestration
Da Tech Guy: Not Shaken, also, You Already Paid For The B-2 Fuel
Don Surber: What If They Are Right About Trump? also, Highlights Of The News
Dustbury: Strange Search Engine Queries, also, Sometimes It’s Just This Easy
First Street Journal: Kamala Harris Emhoff’s Racial Pandering Has Led Her To Propose A Very Dangerous Policy
The Geller Report: Muslim Migrant Reaches Into German Mom’s Pram, Chokes Her Six-Month-Old Baby, also, International Union Of Muslims Scholars Head Says True Victims Of Today’s Jew-Hatred Are Islam & Muslims
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, Talking About Something He Knows Nothing About
Hollywood In Toto: Hollywood’s Gay Activists Silent On Ngo Attack, also, Left Uses Threats & Violence To Stop Conservative Art
Joe For America: Dem Rep Escobar’s Staff Goes To Mexico To Teach Migrants How To Game The Asylum System, also, AZ Police Asked To Leave Starbucks After Customer Whines “I Don’t Feel Safe” – Starbucks Apologizes
JustOneMinute: Jeffrey Epstein Busted
Legal Insurrection: NY Gov Cuomo Signs Bill Of Attainder Allowing Congress Access To Trump’s NY State Tax Returns, also, Gibson’s Bakery Seeks Up To $13 Million In Attorney Fees From Oberlin
The PanAm Post: It’s Time For President Macri To Take On The Argentine Airline Unions
Power Line: Washington Post Shills For Antifa, also, Birds Of A Feather
Shark Tank: Rep. Brian Mast Assailed As “Traitor” By GOP Activists
Shot In The Dark: The Rev. Nancy Nord Bence – Lying Now, Lying Then, Lying Always
STUMP: Mortality With Meep – No, Retiring Later Doesn’t Make You Die Sooner – Or Later
The Political Hat: Venezuela – The Tyrants & The Tyrannized
This Ain’t Hell: Army Revives Antiques, also, Batter-Brained IHOP Can Kiss My Bucks Goodbye
Victory Girls: Pelosi Puts Her Foot Down On Occasional Cortex & Co., also, Police Scanner Sheds Light On Urban Cop Woes
Volokh Conspiracy: Texas v. U.S. – Why The Individual Mandate Is Still Unconstitutional
Weasel Zippers: USWNT Tosses Flag To Ground To Ham It Up For Cameras, Player Kelley O’Hara Rushes In To Retrieve It, also, Biracial Rapper Pulls Out Of Festival After She Learns White People To Be Charged $10 More Than Colored People
Mark Steyn: Champagne For Caesar, also, Contempt Is The New Tax Evasion

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