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MSNBC Guest Threatens ‘Civil War’

Posted on | July 30, 2019 | Comments Off on MSNBC Guest Threatens ‘Civil War’

Because — you guessed it — ORANGE MAN BAD!

America may be on the verge of a “horrible civil war” because President Donald Trump criticized a crime-ridden major city that has exclusively been run by Democratic mayors for decades, according to a guest on “Morning Joe,” reports Fox News. . . .
Speaking on “Morning Joe,” chief public affairs officer for, Karine Jean-Pierre, said that Elijah Cummings “is everything Trump is not” and suggested the president attacked him out of fear. . . .
“He is not a president for black people. He’s not a president for women. He’s not a president for brown people. He’s not a president for the LGBTQ community. He chooses to just double down and triple down on bigotry and racism.”
According to Jean-Pierre, Trump’s rhetoric regarding Baltimore will continue until the 2020 election — which she believes could lead to a civil war.
“I don’t know where Donald Trump wants to take this, but wherever it is, it’s going to be dangerous,” she said. “It could lead to some sort of horrible civil war. He is testing us. He’s testing the democracy. He’s shredding the Constitution. And so, Republicans, the leadership in the Republican Party, need to stand up. You have to speak up. Because if you don’t, you are encouraging this. You are picking Donald Trump, loyalty to Donald Trump, instead of to the country.”

Speaking of “loyalty to the country,” Ms. Jean-Pierre’s parents immigrated to the United States from Haiti, which is even worse than Baltimore. And speaking of a “horrible civil war,” Haiti had one that led to the murder of every white person in the former French colony. More than 3,000 white people were murdered in the 1804 massacre, and Haiti has forever since been a nation based upon hatred of the white man. Not only is Haiti worse than Baltimore, it’s even worse than Detroit!

But I suppose it’s “racist” to mention any of this.

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