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In The Mailbox: 08.08.19 (Not The Special Hitler Edition)

Posted on | August 8, 2019 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

I was briefly tempted to go through and change all the names of the Democrats in the news to Hitler and other Nazis as appropriate, but it seemed like more trouble than it would have been worth for the lulz it might have produced.

Bacon Time: Because it Amuses Me
EBL: President Trump Visits Dayton & El Paso
Twitchy: Philanthropist Pledges $100,000 To Help Clean Up Baltimore If The Baltimore Sun Retracts Its Hit Piece On Volunteers
Louder With Crowder: Amnesty International Issues Travel Warning For US Due To “Gun Violence”, Gets Rekt

Adam Piggott: The Scientific Case Against Redheads
American Greatness: Everything They’re Telling You About Mass Shootings Is Wrong
American Thinker: The Ideological Roots Of “The Squad” In “Academic Postcolonial” Theory
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily SanFran Kookery News
Babalu Blog: Castro Dictatorship Sentences Independent Journalist To A Year In Jail For Reporting The News
BattleSwarm: Borepatch Says Red Flag Laws Are Stupid & Useless
Camp of the Saints: Helter Skelter At 50 – Redux?
CDR Salamander: NTSB Speaks On The McCain Collision
Da Tech Guy: Government Solutions To Mass Shootings Won’t Solve The Problem, also, The Blog Transition Clock Has Now Started
Don Surber: Don’t Go Ann Coulter Over A Washington Post Story
Dustbury: It Crawled Into My Shorts, Honest
First Street Journal: A Good Start, But It Isn’t Enough
The Geller Report: Jihadi Stabs London Police With Machete In Frenzied, Unprovoked Attack, also, Senate Minority Leader Schumer Calls For Killing 1st Amendment Protection Of Political Speech
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of the Day, also, NPR & Defamation
Hollywood In Toto: Brian Banks Director Broke All the Hollywood Rules
Joe For America: Did Joe Biden Suggest A Shooting War Against Conservatives Is Coming?
Legal Insurrection: Baltimore Sun Shamefully Questions Motives Of Scott Presler For Organizing West Baltimore Cleanup, also, Twitter Locks Out “Team Mitch” For Sharing Video Of Protesters Chanting Death Threats At McConnell’s Home
The PanAm Post: AMLO Calls For US To Try What Didn’t Work In Mexico
Power Line: Madness – Twitter & Beyond, also, Germans Rebel Against Meat Tax
Shark Tank: DeSantis Moves To Wipe Out Invasive Python Population
Shot In The Dark: The Left’s Inner Id
STUMP: Governing Magazine – In Memoriam
The Political Hat: Elder Non-Gender Specific Sibling Is Watching Leviathan’s (Formerly Your) Children
This Ain’t Hell: About That Illegals Issue, also, Murders That Didn’t Fit The Leftists’ Narrative
Victory Girls: Sean Hannity Interviews Mayor DeBlasio
Volokh Conspiracy: Study Shows Prejudice Has Declined Among White Americans Since Trump’s Election
Weasel Zippers: Biden Tells Crowd “We Choose Truth Over Facts”, also, MN GOP Legislators Ask IRS To Investigate Ilhan Omar
Mark Steyn: Identity & The Elites

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