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Feminism Makes You Fat

Posted on | August 19, 2019 | Comments Off on Feminism Makes You Fat

Looking back at photos and films of the Woodstock concert 50 years ago, a New York Times writer remarks how rare it was to spot a fat person in that vast crowd of hippies:

In 1969, Americans were, it would appear, much thinner — men and women equally. (That guy picking his way through the crowd at Altamont has not an ounce of body fat.) As it happens, this superficial impression is borne out by the available data, since in 1971 the average 19-year-old man weighed just 159.7 pounds, according to figures compiled by the National Center for Health Statistics, and the average woman 131. A hippie now at Woodstock 50 — if such existed and if a planned anniversary concert had not fallen apart — would have added an additional 14 pounds to his frame and a woman another 20.

(Hat-tip: Instapundit.) In other words, while the average 19-year-old male is now 174 pounds, his typical female peer is 151 pounds, so that the weight differential between them has diminished, from about 30 pounds in 1969 to less than 25 pounds now. And the most logical explanation for this is the influence of feminism, which teaches young women that they are oppressed by patriarchal beauty standards. No true feminist would ever make any effort to be attractive, and feminists celebrate obesity as courageous resistance to “fatphobia” and “diet culture.”



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