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Queer Theory Pedophilia Jeopardy

Posted on | September 24, 2019 | Comments Off on Queer Theory Pedophilia Jeopardy

One of the points I’ve repeatedly made about Third Wave feminism over the past five years is about Judith Butler’s role in popularizing a particular view of “gender.” In doing so, I dug deeply into the sources cited in Butler’s Gender Trouble, which is almost universally assigned as a required text in university Women’s Studies programs. Butler’s opaque academic jargon serves to conceal her authorial purpose, but when you start investigating her sources, you recognize that she is advocating extreme perversion. As I pointed out just the other day, for example, Michel Foucault advocated the abolition of age-of-consent laws. Another of Butler’s key sources was Gayle Rubin, who favorably cited the pedophile group NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) in opposition to laws against child pornography. Once you recognize this, the Third Wave feminist academic project of “Queer Theory” takes on a sinister significance, and for years, I’ve felt like I was shouting into the void on this subject. Does nobody else get it? Does no one care?

Say hello to Derrick Jensen, radical environmentalist and founding member of Deep Green Resistance (DGR). Part of DGR’s ideology is radical feminism of the Second Wave variety (e.g., Andrea Dworkin) and so it is that Jensen is an outspoken critic of Queer Theory. Here he is speaking at an event in Oregon in March 2018, when he begins citing the connections between Queer Theory and pedophilia.


This is remarkable — Jensen, indisputably a man of the Left, taking direct aim at one of the academic Left’s pet ideologies. And perhaps you will not be surprised to learn that Jensen’s book Anarchism and the Politics of Violation, which had been slated for publication last fall, got cancelled because he “dared to critique queer theory.”

(Hat-tip: Greg Tolan on Twitter.)



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