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Evil Monsters Dox Bill Pulte

Posted on | September 25, 2019 | Comments Off on Evil Monsters Dox Bill Pulte


If you don’t know who Bill Pulte is, he’s the Michigan businessman who has become famous for promoting charitable causes on Twitter, often giving thousands of dollars of his own money to help people in need, as in the case of Lena Ramon, an Iraq war veteran and mother of two who got a $20,000 new car and $10,000 in cash from Pulte:


Why would anyone hate Bill Pulte or wish him harm? One word: Politics.

Because President Trump re-tweeted Pulte, and because Pulte praised the President on “Fox and Friends,” the Left decided that Pulte is a bad guy, and Trump-haters began harassing him online. Yesterday, Pulte and his wife got “doxed” — there private information was published online by left-wing hackers, resulting in the kind of threats and other mischief that victims of doxing typically suffer. (In 2013, I got doxed and SWATted by a man who was subsequently sentenced to federal prison.)

Law enforcement has been notified, and let’s hope that the perpetrators are soon in custody. The lesson here is that good people often suffer more on account of their virtues than bad people suffer for their vices. If you are doing the right thing, often it will inspire envy and hatred from others, and you will find yourself targeted by wicked people who cannot stand to see good people doing the right thing.

God bless Bill Pulte, and please remember him in your prayers.

P.S.: If you read this, Mr. Pulte, my brother Kirby could use some help.



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