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The Loser Derby

Posted on | October 17, 2019 | Comments Off on The Loser Derby

Stephen Kruiser:

“There is no personality lurking over there that is going to lay waste to the field by providing a fighting alternative. They pretended they loved Biden because he was the most electable, but now the two raving socialists are raking in all of the money in what could be the Mother of All Ironies.”

(Hat-tip: Stephen Green at Instapundit.) For the past few weeks, I’ve paid no attention to the polls of Democrat presidential candidates, because it dawned on me how irrelevant it’s likely to be. Once the debates began, it became apparent that Biden is not a viable challenger to Trump. He is simply too old, and has too much baggage — not least of which being his son’s deals in Ukraine and China — and cannot inspire the left-wing grassroots. The idea that Biden is a “moderate” who can appeal to blue-collar voters was, perhaps, wishful thinking for Democrats, who have become the anti-white, anti-male, anti-American party. If they nominated Biden, Democrats would be symbolically repudiating everything on which their identity-politics “social justice” agenda is based. Therefore, even if Biden could win the primaries, this would set up the Democrats for defeat in November 2020, because so many of their supporters — especially of the purple-hair feminist SJW variety — would not bother to vote.

So now look at the polls: Since July, Biden has hovered in the vicinity of 30% while Elizabeth Warren has zoomed from about 15% to around 25% — mostly at the expense of Bernie Sanders, who recently had a heart attack and is stuck permanently at around 15% support. Everybody else in the Democrat primary field is in single digits, and only Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris likely have what it takes to make it past Iowa and New Hampshire. Beto O’Rourke? Doomed. Corey Booker? No chance. By the end of next February, the choice for Democrats will be down to two or three candidates who have pledged themselves to the far-left agenda of the party base, and it’s far from certain that Biden will still be a candidate at that point. Frankly, his money situation may doom Biden worse than any other factor, because his campaign’s most recent cash-on-hand total (about $9 million) was less than half of the $23.4 million Buttigieg reported, and not even a third of Warren’s whopping $33.7 million. Everything now favors Warren to be next year’s Democrat nominee, and Trump will stomp Warren like Godzilla stomped Tokyo.

Oh, so sorry, my #NeverTrump cousin — you’re hopelessly doomed.



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