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In The Mailbox: 10.31.19

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box, Episode #791 – Naughty Halloween!
EBL: Erdogan Pal Donates To Ilhan Omar, Omar Helps Erdogan, Media Mostly Ignore It
Twitchy: Talks Between Whistleblower’s Legal Team & Schiff’s Staff Halt – Whistleblower Unlikely To Testify
Louder With Crowder: Austin, TX Rolls Out Transgender Education For Eight-Year-Olds, also, Trump Tweets Hero Dog Pic, Fake News Is Investigating

Adam Piggott: Mothers, Teach Your Daughters
American Greatness: Stapling Green Cards To Diplomas Is Stupid & Suicidal, also, Reversing The Venality Of American Politics
American Power: House Votes For Impeachment
American Thinker: Why Is Vindman A War Hero But Flynn A Traitor?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Hate Speech News
Babalu Blog: AOC’s Democratic Socialists So Communist, Not Even Cuba’s Socialists Want Anything To Do With Them
BattleSwarm: al-Baghdadi/ISIS/Syria/Turkey/Kurds Happy Fun Ball Update
Camp of the Saints: The Present CrisisOut (Finally) In Paperback
Cafe Hayek: Reality Remains Mandatory
CDR Salamander: When Allies Have Carriers, Everybody Wins
Da Tech Guy: A Political Horror Story – What America Would Be Like If The Democrats Win In 2020
Don Surber: Highlights Of The News
First Street Journal:  The Washington Post Uses Its Freedom Of The Press To Criticize Freedom Of Speech
The Geller Report: Muslim Commissioner Of Virginia’s Human Rights Commission Declares Gays “An Abomination To The Human Race”, also, Envoy Reports Iran has Spent $16 Billion On Militias In Iraq & Syria
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, I Have A Couple Of Words For The Democrats In Congress
Hollywood In Toto: Feminist Terminator – Dark Fate Refuses To Go Full Woke
Joe For America: Gohmert – Dems’ Impeachment Coup “About To Push This Country Into Civil War”
JustOneMinute: More Tea Leaves On The Impeachment-Lite Drama
Legal Insurrection: New Polls Show Biden Losing Ground To Trump, Warren, & Sanders, also, House Approves Trump Impeachment Inquiry Rules Mostly Along Party Lines
The PanAm Post: Why Not Jeffersonian Ward Republics?
Power Line: The 2020 Presidential Campaign In 30 Seconds, also, A Tough Trump Policy On Russia Nobody Talks About
Shark Tank: Ted Yoho Retiring From Congress After This Term?
Shot In The Dark: Some People Did Something To Some Armenians
The Political Hat: Happy Halloween (2019)!
This Ain’t Hell: Drunk Sailors Attack Police Car In Japan, also, SEAL Chief Edward Gallagher To Retire As PO1
Victory Girls: Mazie Hirono’s Constitutional Brilliance
Volokh Conspiracy: A Few Thoughts On Kansas v. Glover
Weasel Zippers: For Some Reason Biden Now Talking About His Parents’ Sex Life, also, Durham Knows The Crimes, At Least Some Of The People Involved, & Potential Charges
Mark Steyn: Rot In Helm, also, Bonfires & Vanities

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