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Dutch Stabbing Attack Update

Posted on | November 30, 2019 | Comments Off on Dutch Stabbing Attack Update

Having updated readers earlier on the London stabbing attack, we now have more information about the attack in the Netherlands:

Police in the Dutch city of The Hague have arrested a man aged 35 over a stabbing attack on a shopping street on Friday, in which three teenagers were injured.
The suspect, who has no fixed abode, will be transferred to a police station for questioning, local police said.
Those hurt, two girls aged 15 and a boy of 13, did not know each other, and no motive has been reported.
Al three were released from hospital following treatment.
Police said earlier that they were investigating “several scenarios” and that it was “too early to speculate” about a possible terror motive.
The attack in The Hague came hours after a stabbing in London in which two people were killed and three injured before police shot dead the suspect.
British police say the London attack was a terrorist incident.

Notice how Europe’s police procedures (and press policies) are so different from those in the United States. In the U.S., police are more or less required to name any suspect arrested, and to release the mug shot of the suspect. While political correctness sometimes shapes press coverage of crime in America, most news organizations will not hesitate to pursue off-the-record sources to gather background information about cases. “Sources close to the investigation” will be cited to provide information about the motive, etc., and reporters will seek out witnesses, neighbors and family members in order to get a complete story about any major crime. Even if it’s one of those crimes that is strictly “local news” (because it reflects unfavorably on Democrat Party constituents), you can almost always get good stuff from local newspaper and TV reporters. Quality coverage of local crime — well, that sells newspapers, and American publishers are greedy capitalists, thank God.



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