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Pakistani-Born Usman Khan Named as Killer in London Bridge Knife Attack

Posted on | November 30, 2019 | 2 Comments


He doesn’t look Belgian* to me, and now we know why:

A “serious jihadist” who had been jailed over a plot to blow up the London Stock Exchange and potentially kill Boris Johnson has carried out a deadly assault in the heart of the British capital, triggering a political storm over why the knife-wielding terrorist was set free just a year earlier.
Heavily armed police shot dead Usman Khan on London Bridge after the 28-year-old stabbed two people to death and injured three others at a nearby conference on prison rehabilitation.
Khan launched the rampage — the second on the bridge in less than three years — at a Cambridge University conference called ‘Learning Together’ at the historic Fishmonger’s Hall. He had been invited to share his prison experience with participants and was fitted with an electronic tag to monitor his movements.
Khan stabbed delegates inside the building before running to London Bridge, where he was tackled by half a dozen members of the public. He was shot dead by heavily armed tactical officers within five minutes of the first call for help, and later found to be wearing a hoax suicide vest.
A man and woman were killed and three others injured — one critically. . . .
The Pakistani-born man was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2012 over a plot to detonate a bomb inside the stock exchange, and target other locations including the US embassy and the home of Johnson, then mayor of London and now Prime Minister. The jihadist and other members of a UK terror cell also planed to build and train at a terrorist military training facility in Kashmir, and discussed launching a Mumbai-style assault on Parliament.
Praising the bravery of members of the public who chased Khan and pinned him to the ground before police arrived, Johnson also suggested the killer should not have been on the streets.
“I have long argued that it is a mistake to allow serious and violent criminals to come out of prison early and it is very important that we get out of that habit and that we reinforce the appropriate sentence for dangerous criminals, and especially terrorists,” he said.

Cambridge University geniuses: “Hey, let’s invite a violent Pakistani jihadist to our conference, because what could possibly go wrong?”

And the sweetest touch of irony here is that the conference was called “Learning Together.” You think maybe they learned something?

Meanwhile, at The Hague:

An assailant stabbed three people Friday night in a busy shopping district in the Netherlands, and police were searching for the suspect, authorities said. . . .
A Dutch police spokeswoman said it was too early to establish a motive for the attack in The Hague.

Oh, “too early to establish a motive.” Could be anything. Might even be one of those radical Lutherans, for all we know.

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* “Belgian” — In my post about the London Bridge attack Friday, I sarcastically suggested a Belgian must be responsible. To explain: Back in 2009, when Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs smeared me as a “white supremacist,” I had a great time making fun of CJ’s paranoid fears, including how he smeared Pamela Geller as a “neo-fascist” because of her association with Vlaams Belang. That was a right-wing party in Belgium, led by Geert Wilders, that was concerned with the impact of Muslim immigration on their country. Geller, a Jewish conservative who has focused relentlessly on the threat of Islamic terrorism for more than 15 years, had traveled to Belgium to meet with European activists concerned with the threat to their own countries. According to CJ’s paranoid worldview, Geller hanging around right-wing Belgians was a worse danger than Al-Qaeda. Because the word Vlaams is Dutch for “Flemish,” I made it a running joke, whenever there was a terrorist attack, that the suspects must be Belgians — part of The Flemish Menace.

And who can ever forget Charles Johnson: Race Detective?


You ought to hit my tip jar if you appreciate quality sarcasm, even if you don’t know who the heck Charles Johnson is. He’s faded into complete obscurity, and really, that’s where he always belonged.

CORRECTION: Geert Wilders is Dutch, not Belgian. His leads the Partij voor de Vrijheid (Party for Freedom). Apologies for the error.



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