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Claiming to Be Victim of Twitter Nazis, Liberal Defends Anti-Christian ‘Joke’

Posted on | December 26, 2019 | Comments Off on Claiming to Be Victim of Twitter Nazis, Liberal Defends Anti-Christian ‘Joke’


There may be people who think Jon Schwarz is funny, but those people are mentally ill, and we’re not allow to laugh at mentally ill people. For example, you could get banned from Twitter for “misgendering” a lunatic like Anthony Halliday a/k/a “Stephanie Hayden.” If you say that a man is not a woman, that’s “hate,” which is not allowed on Twitter.

So in 2015, Jon Schwarz made a “joke” about killing Christians, but didn’t get banned because (a) almost nobody knows who Jon Schwartz is, and (b) all the people who do know who he is share his genocidal hatred of Christians. Schwarz is a liberal — he once worked for Michael Moore — and if there is anything that unites liberals, it’s their hatred of Christians.

And also, Fox News.

Christians, Fox News, and babies in the womb — these are the top three things liberals want to kill. But I digress . . .

Jon Schwarz’s anti-Christian “joke” on Twitter didn’t attract any attention until March of this year, when he used his Twitter account to accuse Fox News host Tucker Carlson of anti-Semitism, at which point some of Tucker’s fans dug up that 2015 tweet, and Schwarz’s account was suspended until he agreed to the deletion of the offending tweet.

For months, Schwarz refused to comply, but then in November finally agreed to their terms and his account was reinstated. End of story? No, because liberals always have to have the last word.


In this column, Schwarz actually defends his anti-Christian “joke”:

Now, anyone who’s been alive during the past 1,000 years knows this is a fair assessment. Given that Christian nations have mercilessly oppressed both Jews and Muslims, it’s peculiar that Christians and Jews are currently teaming up to kill Muslims. You’d think Muslims and Jews would be natural allies. (Indeed, while it’s completely forgotten now, there were tentative attempts by the Zionist movement during the 1920s to find common ground with the Arab world on this basis.) What makes this tweet a joke is that in 2019 it is completely preposterous to imagine, say, Iran and Israel joining forces to bomb America.

Preposterous? Maybe, but if they did, Jon Schwarz would be happy.

He hates America and wants us all dead.

UPDATE: Just to show what a mindless knee-jerk liberal Jon Schwarz is, on the day after Trump was elected, he published a column confessing to be “terrified” by this “bone-chilling” turn of events. He blamed America’s political system, which he likened to a “killer robot” and, among other things, issued this appeal to white liberals:

White liberals must step up right now in the right way.
If there’s going to be any political force that can resist Trump and build a livable future, it will be led by African Americans, Latinos, and young people from all backgrounds.
The role for older, richer white liberals will be important but painfully different from what they’re used to. They’ll have to support other people’s priorities, put up money for things they don’t control, and use all of their social power to protect Muslims, immigrants, and every threatened minority.
What white progressives can and must pursue is outreach to Trump’s white base. One of the killer robot’s main fuels is white supremacy. But human beings are complex and inscrutable and sometimes change. If just 20 percent of the white supremacy could be neutralized, the robot might be much less powerful.
White liberals will be more effective doing this if they first spend time considering how they may be as equally complicit in white supremacy as Trump voters.

There are a few things I enjoy more than “terrified” white liberals, but most of those things involve orgasm or Alabama touchdowns.



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