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Be Careful in Richmond, Please

Posted on | January 20, 2020 | 1 Comment

Thousands of Second Amendment activists are assembling today at the Virginia capitol in Richmond to protest against proposed legislation that would infringe their right to “keep and bear arms.” Last week, activists noticed signs that the Left might be sending agents provocateurs to this event in an attempt to create some incident that might embarrass the gun-rights movement. So if you are going to this Richmond rally, stay safe, and do not allow yourself to be baited into saying or doing anything offensive or illegal. Keep your eyes open for trouble, and urge your fellow attendees to stay away from any conflict that might emerge. Because great minds think alike, Dana Loesch is offering the same advice:

Some in media and many anti-gun/gun control advocates are desperately trying to gaslight everyone into thinking that Virginia’s Second Amendment lobby day will be Charlottesville 2.0. Since 2002 the Virginia Citizens’ Defense League has peacefully gathered law-abiding Virginians in Richmond to speak to lawmakers on behalf of preserving Second Amendment rights. This year is no different — except the numbers are expected to be astronomically larger due to state Democrats’ gun control kegger.
Do not be baited. Do not be provoked.
You are at an extraordinary moment in history and the rest of us in states, counties, and cities across the country (all of us dealing with rights grabs like you, some at stages earlier than others) are watching you, praying for you, and depending on you. How you choose to use your time and impact your community will send shockwaves throughout the rest of the country. Do not be distracted from your good work by bad actors sent to incite, antagonize, and sabotage your efforts. Stay relentlessly focused.

The First Amendment specifically protects the right of citizens “peaceably to assemble” and express their grievances. Anyone attempting to disturb the peace at such an event should be carefully avoided.



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