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In The Mailbox: 01.23.20

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– compiled by Wombat-socho

Knowledge Buffet: What Was The Point Of The Richmond 2A Protest
EBL: About That Adam Schiff/Ed Buck Salacious Photo Reason
Twitchy: Occasional Cortex Lashing Out At “Haters” For Claiming Her Economics Degree Is Illegitmate Backfires Bigly
Louder With Crowder: This Father Just Pwned Elizabeth Warren On Her Socialist Economic Policies

Adam Piggott: Men Should Avoid Intelligent Women
American Conservative: Bankruptcy Could Help Millions Struggling Under Student Debt
American Greatness: When Will Conservatives Understand It’s Not A Battle of Ideas? also, The Untalented Mr. Schiff & His Unwatchable Vanity
American Thinker: The Rage Of The Democrats
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Lady Stalin News
Babalu Blog: Bolivia’s Government Confirms Morales Hid Illegal Payments To Cuba For “Fake Doctors”
BattleSwarm: Suleimani Ally Whacked In Iran
Cafe Hayek: Let’s Really Have Political Realism
CDR Salamander: Losing Sleep Over Hypersonics
Da Tech Guy: Greta’s Not In Red China For The Same Reason Human Shields Aren’t In Israel Or Hong Kong, also, Hey Hey Ho Ho This Cultural Marxism’s Got To Go
Don Surber: The Impeachment We Need
The Geller Report: French Prosecutor Investigating 16-Year-Old After she Said “Islam Is A Religion Of Hate”, also, Islamic Group Beheads Kidnapped Pastor Who Refused To Renounce Christ
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, Gabbard v. Clinton
Hollywood In Toto: Cage’s Colour Out Of Space Isn’t Unhinged Enough, also, Jon Stewart Joins Hollywood’s Open Borders Push
JustOneMinute: Don’t Know Much About History
Legal Insurrection: UK Parliament Passes EU Withdrawal Bill – Brexit To Happen January 31, also, Warren Promises To Launch Investigation Into Trump On Day One If Elected
The PanAm Post: Uruguay’s Secret Ties To Maduro Could Be Exposed
Power Line: Impeachment Unites Republicans, also, All The President’s Men, Continued
Shark Tank: Ilhan Omar Facing Tough Reelection Challenge From Fellow Muslima
Shot In The Dark: Service Of Convenience
STUMP: French Pension Protests – State Of Play, January 22
The Political Hat: California Madness – Genderless Graduates, Preteen Polyamory, & Liquidating Kulaks As A Class
This Ain’t Hell: Thursday FGS, also, Invaders At The Richmond Rights Rally
Victory Girls: Virginia Democrats’ Continued Assault On The Constitution
Volokh Conspiracy: Does An Impeachment Overturn An Election?
Weasel Zippers: WZ Semi-Annual Fundraiser, also, CNN Analyst/Clintonista Joe Lockhart Makes Up Fake Conversation Between GOP Senators
Mark Steyn: Objection – Sad!

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