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McCain Killed in Shootout

Posted on | January 23, 2020 | 1 Comment


No, not me — Keenan McCain of Gary, Indiana:

The man killed in Monday’s shootout with Gary police officers was wanted for open cases in Marion County, including strangulation and intimidation with a firearm. This happened after Keenan McCain, 29, was wanted in connection to the murder of his girlfriend at a Merrillville Hampton Inn on Sunday.
“He was the only suspect in this case at this point,” Det. Cmdr. Aaron Ridgway of the Merrillville Police Department.
Merrillville Police said they were called to the hotel on Sunday afternoon and found the body of Betty Jean Claudio, with whom police said he had a romantic relationship lasting about a month. They said the Lake County Coroner’s Office confirmed she died by strangulation.
McCain was charged on August 31, 2019, for strangulation, intimidation with a firearm, pointing a firearm at someone and domestic battery. Court records show he never went to jail for these crimes, and a Marion County judge issued a warrant for his arrest after opening a new case in September.
“He had a protection order from a female we’re not going to be identifying out of Marion County,” Cmdr. Aaron Ridgway said. “He also had an active warrant for intimidation, strangulation and it was intimidation with a firearm.”
The victim from the Merrillville case is not the same victim as the Marion County case, police said.
McCain also has an open 2018 case for drug and illegal firearm charges. That case was combined with the 2019 case, according to court documents. A judge ordered him to community corrections for home detention supervision and GPS monitoring. . . .

More background on his history of violence against women:

The ABC7 I-Team spoke exclusively with a former girlfriend of McCain who shared her story of surviving the violence, raising questions about why he wasn’t locked up.
Until the I-Team called, Brittany Luster hadn’t heard about what her ex-boyfriend did in northwest Indiana, but says Keenan McCain should have been locked up for what he did to her last summer — something that might have prevented what happened on Monday night.
The I-Team uncovered ceaseless charges of gun violence and brutality against McCain and a jarring story of survival from his previous girlfriend.
“He had jumped on me, he had choked me and he put a gun in my face. Threatened to kill me,” Luster said. “Yeah, he was serious. He ended up pulling a gun out on my father.”
In an interview Tuesday afternoon, Brittany Luster said she met Keenan McCain online when both of them were living in Indianapolis last year. . . .

(How many times have I warned against online dating?)

The relationship was troubled from the start. According to a police affidavit obtained by the I-Team, last summer on various occasions McCain “pulled a black handgun and pointed it at her face… began punching her in the right side of her head.” He put his 40 cal “pistol in her mouth and said he would kill her” and was “stompkicking her legs.” McCain hit the “top of her head…in a hammer fist motion” and asked “do you want your brain to bleed?” then “got atop of her and began choking her.”
“Yeah, he choked me many times and made me black out,” Luster said. “He’s never actually shot at me. He’s pulled a gun out on me several times and he put it in my mouth maybe a couple times.”
Luster said she wasn’t surprised to learn that he killed his girlfriend and was in a shootout with police.

What has gone wrong with our criminal justice system, that dangerous monsters like this are being turned loose on the streets?

(Hat-tip: Kirby McCain on Twitter.)



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