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How Desperate Do You Have to Be?

Posted on | January 26, 2020 | Comments Off on How Desperate Do You Have to Be?


Even if you could get laid this way, would it be worth it?

People on OKCupid are swiping right on climate action — or something? I’ve never used a dating app.
But I do know the company has filters so you can get rid of climate deniers when you’re searching for someone, whether it’s The One or a one-night stand. In a viral tweet earlier this week, the company highlighted the feature. And it turns out a lot of people use it. Not only that, climate is becoming an increasingly popular mention in profiles, a trend that reflects broader changes in society.
In data shared with Earther, the company said there’s been a 240 percent increase in mentions of environmental terms on people’s profiles like “climate change,” “environment,” “global warming,” “Greta Thunberg” and “recycle.”
An overwhelming majority of OKCupid users also care about the climate crisis. Ninety-seven percent of them believe climate change is real, and 82 percent say they’re concerned about it. More 90 percent of users also said they’d take action to correct something they do after discovering it’s bad for the environment.

How many times do I have to repeat this? Online dating is for losers. If you’re so desperate for companionship that you’re using OKCupid, you need to contemplate how you life went wrong, reconsider your lifestyle choices, and perhaps seek professional counseling. Six weeks in a rehab center, maybe, where you go to workshops with titles like, “Stop Staring at Your Smartphone and Talk to Human Beings Occasionally, You Dork.”

Think about the type of people for whom “caring about the climate crisis” is a major life priority. Do you want to have sex with those people? If so, why? To settle a grudge, perhaps. What kind of pervert are you, having erotic fantasies about Greta Thunberg? But to continue:

“Since your match percentage with someone shows how compatible you two are, if you are a climate change activist and they think climate change is fake news, your match percentage is going to decrease,” Michael Kaye, OKCupid’s Global Communication Manager, told Earther in an email. Since most people on the platform aren’t climate deniers, that means vocally caring about the climate crisis is helping people get laid. . . .
“In my experience, people are finding that it’s really difficult to have an intimate relationship unless there’s a really deep alignment on how we’re relating to the issue,” [said] Renee Lertzman, a psychologist who specializes in the melancholic psychological responses to environmental crises . . .
“I’ve talked to a number of people who are experiencing a number of relational difficulties because of the way they respond to these issues,” she said. “People may be struggling with a lot of depression, with anxiety, with agitation, and their partner may not be equipped to handle it and might not relate to having that kind of response.”

Right — nothing like a hook-up with someone who has been overwhelmed with existential gloom ever since their seventh-grade teacher made them watch Earth in the Balance in science class. Do you need that kind of negativity in your life? If the entire planet is doomed — hopelessly and irretrievably doomed by CO2 emissions — why bother dating at all? Just reduce your carbon footprint by jumping off a bridge.

Climate-change cultists claim to worship at the altar of Science, but either they skipped the “survival of the fittest” chapter of Darwinian evolution, or else they think this principle only applied in prehistoric times.

Question: The purpose of dating is . . .?

Answer: To find a mate.

Question: The purpose of mating is . . .?

Answer: To reproduce.

Ergo, the process of mate selection (which is what dating actually is, or should be) is about evaluating potential partners in terms of their overall fitness as a future parent. What traits do you consider desirable, not just physically, but also in terms of personality? If you want your children to be, for example, tall and blue-eyed, then you would screen out the short brown-eyed people as potential partners. And if you want you children to be optimistic and cheerful, you screen out the people who are gloomy and pessimistic. This is why dating climate-change activists is a waste of time, because they are committed to an ideology of despair that views human existence, per se, as a threat to the planet.

This is what most young environmentalists simply don’t know about their own movement. It originated from the same cabal of wealthy misanthropes whose neo-Malthusian obsessions brought us eugenics and The Population Bomb: The idea that there are too many people on the planet, and that the wrong people — brown people — are having “too many” children. “Climate change” is really a euphemism for lebensraum.

So that’s two reasons not to date climate-change fanatics:

  1. They subscribe to a pessimistic and depressing worldview;
  2. They are the kind of fools who are easily deceived by propaganda.

Avoid such people. Do not even bother arguing with them, because it’s a waste of time to try to deprive fools of their folly. They are like Pleistocene mammoths, destined to perish in the La Brea Tar Pits.



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