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Hunter Biden Settles Child-Support Arrangement With Arkansas Stripper

Posted on | January 28, 2020 | Comments Off on Hunter Biden Settles Child-Support Arrangement With Arkansas Stripper


We have previously discussed Lunden Alexis Roberts, the 29-year-old Arkansas woman who worked (under the stage name “Dallas”) at a D.C. strip club, where she met Joe Biden’s son, who fathered a bastard child with her. Now comes the news that Hunter Biden, 49, has agreed to pay his baby mama child support retroactive to November 2018, with monthly payments thereafter, and also to pay her court costs and attorneys’ fees. The amount of the settlement is undisclosed, but it is almost certainly a few hundred thousands dollars, lump sum, and three or four thousand a month thereafter. You might suppose that this would be considered big news, coming as it does during the impeachment trial of President Trump, whose alleged “high crimes and misdemeanors” were related to his desire to have Ukraine investigate Hunter Biden’s corrupt deal with the natural gas firm Burisma.

Here is one tiny snippet of the story:

Biden, who is a lawyer, originally denied having sex with Roberts.
But a DNA showed that the child was almost certainly his, and he stopped contesting paternity in the case.

So . . . Biden lied. He did not merely lie, but he lied to a court, and what happens to lawyers who lie in court? Isn’t disbarment appropriate? Perhaps there is some loophole for lying about sex, but whatever the case may be in terms of legal ethics, it is now established as a fact that you can never trust a Biden to tell the truth. Dishonesty is a hereditary trait, and yet every “mainstream” (i.e., liberal) news organization thinks we should just accept Joe Biden’s word that Hunter didn’t do anything wrong in accepting an $83,000-a-month “job” with Burisma:

A defense attorney for President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial slammed Hunter Biden’s employment with Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, saying the former vice president’s son lacked the experience necessary to land the job and its salary.
“Hunter Biden is paid over $83,000 a month, while the average American family of four during that time, each year, made less than $54,000, and that’s according to U.S. Census Bureau during that time,” said Pam Bondi.
Bondi, 54, submitted a list of articles she said shows Biden did not have the background required to sit on the board of Burisma. She suggested it was his connection to his father that helped secure the lucrative gig and shield him from legal and congressional inquiries.
“When speaking with ABC News about his qualifications to be on Burisma’s board, Hunter Biden didn’t point to any of the usual qualifications of a board member,” she said. “Hunter Biden had no experience in natural gas, no experience in the energy sector, no experience with Ukrainian regulatory affairs. As far as we know, he doesn’t speak Ukrainian.”
She added, “So, naturally, the media has asked questions about his board membership. Why was Hunter Biden on this board?”

But there’s no corruption worth investigating when Democrats do it. Just the cocaine-addicted son of the former vice president, impregnating strippers while on the payroll of Ukrainian kleptocrats — you’re promoting a “right-wing conspiracy theory” if you want to investigate.



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