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‘Blade Runner’ in San Francisco

Posted on | February 2, 2020 | 2 Comments

San Francisco shop owner Gilles Desaulniers:

“Our society is falling apart. . . . If people do not play by some rules, society does not function. But it feels like there is no order, there is no shame. . . . Living here feels like A Clockwork Orange and Blade Runner have both come true.”

That’s just one quote from a mind-blowing Daily Mail article by Ian Birrell about what has happened to San Francisco, a Democrat-controlled city in a Democrat-controlled state. Say what you will about San Francisco’s problems, you can’t blame their mess on right-wing Republicans, yet the people living in that urban nightmare still cling to the same left-wing beliefs that got them into their current predicament.

Liberalism is about using taxpayer money to subsidize irresponsible behavior, and then blaming the predicably bad consequences on scapegoats: The “rich,” the “racists,” the Republicans.

The problem is that, in cities like San Francisco — or Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, etc. — there simply aren’t enough of those evil white Republicans around to shoulder the blame. Because the disastrous consequences of liberal policy cannot be plausibly explained by liberal theories of what causes social problems, the explanations they offer become increasingly implausible, and the demonization of their chosen scapegoats becomes ever more extreme. If you were to ask to the average Democrat voter in San Francisco what has gone wrong in their city, however, they would excoriate the “greedy” rich people of the high-tech industry, and probably also blame Donald Trump, although the city’s problems pre-date Trump’s election, and nearly all the big-money guys in Silicon Valley give their money to Democrats. Liberals like to think of themselves as “open-minded,” but in fact their worldview is simplistic and rigid in this way. It is impossible ever to get a liberal to admit that liberalism cannot solve the problems which are caused by liberalism.

If you could go back to 1964 — the last time San Francisco had a Republican mayor — you might find problems in the city to complain about, but it wouldn’t be a dystopian nightmare of rampant drugs and crime, because people who vote Republican simply won’t tolerate that. Democrats, on the other hand, have this idea that drug addicts, psychotics and criminals are “victims of society,” and therefore they will support policies that make society more “inclusive” and “equal” for the dangerous scum who have taken over the streets of San Francisco.



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