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BIAS: Roger Stone Jury Forewoman Is Partisan Anti-Trump Democrat

Posted on | February 13, 2020 | Comments Off on BIAS: Roger Stone Jury Forewoman Is Partisan Anti-Trump Democrat


Clear evidence of judicial malpractice:

The foreperson on the jury that convicted Roger Stone has come forward, and is revealed to be a failed Democrat candidate for Congress and activist vehemently opposed to President Donald Trump.
Tomeka Hart, a former Memphis City Schools Board President, came forward as the Stone jury foreperson in a Facebook post on Wednesday, voicing support for prosecutors in the case.
Hart confirmed to The Daily Memphian that she wrote the Facebook post, but she declined an interview with the newspaper.
Stone supporters were shocked when a review of Hart’s social media posts showed that she posted on Twitter mocking Stone’s dramatic arrest prior to being seated on the jury, and frequently denounced Trump, including calling the president and his supporters racists.
It’s unclear whether Stone’s political views and social media history were disclosed during jury selection, potentially raising questions about fairness that could impact the verdict on appeal.

The judge in the case (Amy Berman Jackson) is a Democrat appointed by Obama. So how is it that another Democrat — from West Tennessee, of all places — is chosen as forewoman of a federal jury in the District of Columbia? This is important, because Democrats also acted as investigators and prosecutors in the Stone case and, after Attorney General William Barr called for a reduction in the recommended sentence, Democrats then demanded that Barr resign or be impeached. It is as if Democrats are seeking to criminalize opposition; merely by being associated with the Republican Party, you are deemed guilty.



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