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CPAC: Not Worried at All

Posted on | February 29, 2020 | 1 Comment


We’ll be checking out of here early this morning, relocating to the Gaylord, where my podcasting partner John Hoge will have a room for us to do tonight’s special 2-hour episode of The Other Podcast.

Friday was kind of my “chill” day at CPAC because, unlike Wednesday and Thursday, I didn’t have a midnight deadline for The American Spectator, and thus could relax and socialize more freely. My brother Kirby spent the afternoon roaming around with his camera, getting some great candid shots of the CPAC scene. (Click to enlarge.)



About 3 o’clock, I had an interview on Radio Row with Blanquita Cullum.


After that ended, we convened in the lobby bar, where Smitty showed up after a while and reminded me that he’d gotten me on the guest list for a Townhall VIP reception at 5 p.m. As we walked over that way, we encountered a somewhat confused Ed Morrissey of Hot Air. “Where’s this thing at?” Ed asked, and we led him over there. Everybody from PJ Media was there, as was Kurt Schlicter and this person you may recognize.


“Katie, I hate to act like a fan boy, but my sister-in-law is a big fan of yours, and I just have to get the picture for her.”

After a while, I went outside to have a smoke and found myself in the smoking area talking to a kid from Hampden-Sydney College. Took an instant liking to the kid and said, “Son, it’s time you learn the valuable skill of crashing a CPAC party.” So we went back up to the Townhall reception, sailing past the lady who was keeping the invitation list who recognized me — it’s the hat — and didn’t seem to notice I’d brought along a guest. Inside, he got free beer and free food, I introduced him to everybody and he got along splendidly. Thanks to Townhall for letting me infringe their hospitality. It seemed like the benevolent thing to do.



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