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Trump Holds Media Accountable, Media React With Childish Tantrums

Posted on | April 14, 2020 | Comments Off on Trump Holds Media Accountable, Media React With Childish Tantrums

In his crucial role as Media Troll-in-Chief, our President had a memorable moment Monday, playing a brief video at his press conference contradicting the “Blame Trump” narrative that has been promoted in the media. Here’s the video, courtesy of the Telegraph:


Victoria Taft chronicles the reaction:

Donald Trump absolutely lit up his own Coronavirus Task Force press briefing with a more than six-minute, tour-de-force media takedown that had CNN and MSNBC sputtering and reaching for the plug.
Trump said hello and turned the media briefing over to the NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci to clarify his words uttered on CNN on shutting down the country earlier to prevent more deaths.
Then, Trump took over and it was ON. He listed the timeline of his response to the coronavirus and presented a video of incorrect statements by the press on COVID-19. . . .
MSNBC and CNN, which usually begin taking the updates only after Trump has spoken, stayed with for Fauci and, when Trump began bagging on the media, bugged out early . . .

The CNN chyrons were instant classics:


CNN had to claim that Trump was “angry” and “melt[ed] down,” and that the video was “propaganda,” because CNN viewers — what few of them remain — are accustomed to being sheltered from any fact that contradicts the last-place network’s anti-Trump narrative.



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