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‘For the Wrath of God Is Revealed From Heaven Against All Ungodliness …’

Posted on | April 20, 2020 | 1 Comment

Thus begins one of the most powerful passages of Scripture, and I was pleased today to learn from Denise McAllister that this has become the inspiration for a new website, Romans One. It is an ambitious and high-minded project, as the editors explain their intended mission:

Why choose this part of the Bible as the foundation of our message? Because we are living in those times. America was once a nation in which the Christian worldview graced every part of society from academics and journalism to science and politics, but now it looks more like godless Rome in the first century when the apostle Paul wrote a “cultural commentary” of his own. No doubt the Roman Christians were as frustrated and perplexed about how to engage the culture as Christians are today. They needed help, and Paul gave it to them.
In his letter to the Romans, Paul explains that the only answer to the immorality and willful ignorance plaguing humanity is the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is as true today as it was then, especially when America, like Rome, has embraced an ethos of sex, lies, and idolatry—the trio of depravity that is intertwined like serpents to form a death grip on culture.
What are Christians to do when faced with overwhelming hostility to their faith and such profound rejection of the truth about God, human nature, and society as a whole? Some Christians today feel so besieged that they are withdrawing from the public square. Others are wringing their hands in frustration, feeling powerless to make a difference. Still others are simply ignorant of what’s going on. Worse, some Christians so reflect the image of the culture that they have become part of the problem, appearing no different from the world around them and unable to be salt and light among the lost. . . .

You can (and should) read the rest.

Lot of that “wrath of God” stuff going around lately . . .



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